4 Day Men’s Immersion Ojai

Into the Heart of Presence

4 Day Men’s Immersion Ojai

Into the Heart of Presence

Gain Unwavering Presence, Focus and Clarity

A Four Day Men’s Deep Inner Work Immersion

This 4-day immersion will take you into the heart and guts of men’s transformational presence and embodiment work.

Presence is the root of leadership, living a purposeful life, conscious money mastery and fulfilling intimacy. Without it, we’re lost.

In this immersion you will train in the art of deep masculine men’s practice that will:

Push the edge of your nervous system to experience unwavering presence, focus and clarity that will reverberate with life changing results in every area of your life

Expand your emotional capacity to handle the challenges that show up in intimacy, sex and relationships

Teach you how to use your sexual energy for manifesting and materializing your current life purpose

Transform accumulated stress into the energy of decisive action

Enter the domain of masculine / feminine dynamics with mastery practices that clarify and empower your masculine essence

Amplify deeper layers of your inner leader, the one that connects you to the core of your heart and willpower

Teach you how to transform fear and anger into a healthy expression of love

Cultivate authentic confidence and trust that emanates from your inner power

"JuanPa is incredible

He’s very passionate, he’s very powerful and he brings out the best in you. Most importantly he leads by example. The biggest transformational aspect of JuanPa’s teaching is just embracing who you really are. The real, the raw, the truth and your authenticity is your greatest gift. "

Travone Edwards | health coach

Initiate into a brotherhood of other powerful men

…that will challenge you out of mediocrity and into the healthy transmission of the deep masculine

This immersion will offer an extraordinary space giving you an opportunity to play at the edge of your growth in the safety of brotherhood

Through masterful guidance and compassionate support men will receive raw honest and critical feedback about how you’re showing up in life, increasing your emotional intelligence, energizing your purpose and mission, and not only learning but practicing to be an authentic expression of love.

This work is rooted in lineage fusing teachings and practices of Modern Men’s work, David Deida’s teachings on masculine feminine dynamics, neuroscience, embodiment and movement practices and Tantric Buddhist thought.

The workshop is hosted by renowned men’s coach, Zat Baraka, and internationally respected transformational teacher, Juan Pablo Barahona. You will also be assisted by a high level practitioners adding layers of support to create a high impact for you.

Zat Baraka

Zat Baraka is a student and teacher of Men’s Deep Inner Work and is the founder of The Men’s Coach Training and The New Masculine Program. He has radically affected thousands of men across the globe with his cutting edge men’s work.
His down to earth approach challenges men to understand the mature masculine, not as an abstract philosophy, but as an embodied knowledge through living as authentic, empowered, creative and compassionate men.
His extensive training of over 25 years includes Tantric Buddhist practice, a masters in Spiritual psychology and active involvement in the men’s personal growth movement for over two decades.

JuanPa Barahona

JuanPa is a transformation leader and international speaker who has inspired millions around the world with his various teachings of abundance in life and a connection among humanity for over two decades. As an internationally recognized visionary, speaker, and founder of JuanPa Global, he strives to help people understand and realize their true purpose in life.
JuanPa has been on an entrepreneurial path of teaching inner mastery, empowerment, mindset and deep soul service for over 20 years, leading inspirational talks, workshops, retreats, immersions and teacher trainings around the globe.

Recharge your body, mind and spirit

…Enquire now as spaces are very limited for Zat and JuanPa’s workshops

If you have ever been on a retreat, you know how deeply this can recharge your mind, body and spirit, and what massive life breakthroughs become possible inside an intentional container like this.
Join a group of like-minded men choosing to live with more depth and a commitment to the path of authentic being, over 4 full days of powerful men’s work in the beauty of the Southern Californian mountains.

Space is very limited!

Due to the potency of this work this is an application based immersion.

Expect the unexpected, simply bring an open mind.

Your retreat information


Where: Ojai, California
Arrive: Thursday, February 6th no later than 8:45am
Leave: Sunday, February 9th at 6pm
This immersion will be an intensive style event. Participants will find their own accomodations offsite from the immersion venue (we will provide you with a list of potential housing possibilities).


There are many great places in Ojai to stay. Although nothing is very far away when you’re in Ojai, we recommend staying close to the downtown area.
AirBnb (this can be shared with other men)
Blue Iguana or Emerald Iguana
Casa Ojai
Su Nido

 Feel free to email us if you have any questions!

We very much look forward to diving in deep with you.