7 day full potential

awaken your true potential

7 day full potential

awaken your true potential

Dig Deep Into Your Inner Power


The 7 Day Full Potential Intensive is an online training for those committed to go deep into their purpose, activate their core energy and release whatever is holding them back. JuanPa will help you dig deep into your inner power by awakening from the core through: bio-hacking, mindset, qi gong, breathwork, transformational philosophy, active meditation, holistic yoga, and different energy activations.

this training is for you if you want to:

Release Deep Emotions, Old Suffering Patterns and Beliefs that hold you back from your True Purpose!

Create Clarity, Focus and Determination in your practice and your life!

Explore Your Natural Gifts & Talents, and learn how to create abundance through them

"JuanPa is a true leader

JuanPa has the most resonant high energy I’ve ever felt in a person. He is very present, connected to his higher self and embodied. I think that embodiment is what really brings all of us into that space. He’s absolutely the embodiment of his divine self. As a leader, that’s really the resonance that he comes from. A real leader to me is someone who empowers the higher self of others. JuanPa really does that."

Darrick Morrison | director

You will receive 7 days of training from Juanpa that will help you:

Dig Deep Into Your Full Potential
Feel Lighter and release everything that is holding you back into who you really are
Create More Clarity, focus and groundness in Your Life
Explore Your Natural Gifts & Talents
Release Deep Emotions and old suffering patterns
And much much more …

plus you will have access to the trainings for life and be invited into a private VIP coaching group where you can share your process, ask questions and go deep in whatever themes you want to explore!