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Today I have an exciting interview to share with you. Howie and I connected to talk about his daily routines as an entrepreneur led by the power of the Heart. He has transformed so much in his life by building a nurturing schedule full of love. I can’t wait for him to share his story with you… So let’s get started!

Q: Hey Howie! It would be wonderful if you could share who you are and what you do now.

A: Thank you so much for the question. So to give you some background, I’m 31 years old now. When I was 18 years old, my Dad and I started our first online business together, where we focused on uploading videos to YouTube that were focused around natural health. He is an alternative medicine doctor, so our goal was to give people natural solutions to their health conditions and we were very committed to that. There are hundreds and hundreds of videos on that YouTube channel, and it has a really big following. That ultimately led to a newsletter deal with a large publishing firm, as well as a supplement line. So that’s part of our on-going business today. 

What also came from that is that I was in charge of the internet marketing, so I did the video editing, the branding, etc. during that time, and through that experience, I was also able to start another business where I did internet marketing consulting with many different brands. I worked with hundreds of different brands over the years. That has been very rewarding as well. 

About two and half years ago I had a big spiritual awakening that really changed the focus from being success-driven and money driven to being a more heart-centred entrepreneur, where my number one priority is to serve humanity and work on myself to become a better person. Through that, I also came to the realisation that I didn’t want to be behind the scenes anymore, as just an internet marketer, or just as the video editor. I wanted to actually make videos on spirituality, on raising your vibration, and expanding your consciousness. That is part of how I found Quantum Flow, too. 

So now I do daily videos on spirituality. It’s a huge passion of mine, and the sole intention is giving back, and really trying to help wake up humanity. It seems very clear that that’s part of my purpose and it made sense when I look at the history of how this has come to be in my own life… With my deep understanding of how internet marketing works, and with all my experience editing videos and the years of watching my dad do videos. I now feel that this is definitely part of my soul’s purpose for being here. So that’s the main thing I’m focusing on right now. The other projects are run by teams, who keep those businesses moving. That is unbelievable and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to really focus on the inner work and my soul’s mission.

Some other things that I have become involved with over the years include blockchain technology, and some of the different crypto projects. So we are big investors in cryptocurrency. We see blockchain technology as a huge part of the way things are going to be done moving forward, and it has been really rewarding to be in these different projects and to be supporting a new way of thinking that gives people sovereignty and financial freedom. So we’re heavily involved in those projects as well.

And then I do a little bit of one-on-one mentorship to help other people integrate their spiritual awakenings because I know how challenging it can be when you finally become spiritually online, and don’t know how to integrate it. So I do a little one-on-one mentorship but I’m focused primarily on the mainstream content uploaded to YouTube and Instagram right now.                     

Q: Okay, so how did you come across Quantum Flow?

A: I saw an Instagram ad that really spoke to my soul. It was something I was looking for because at the time, I was having difficulty integrating my newfound spiritual perspective. In my 3D reality, it felt like I was living in two different worlds. JuanPa talking about grounding the energy I was feeling and integrating those upgrades really spoke to me. I knew it was something that resonated from the language, but then when I participated in the 3-Day Biohacking Challenge I got to experience it and I knew instantly that this was the right thing for me. However, it did take about a month of working with it to cement it in as my daily practice.    

Q: Awesome! What does your morning routine look like? What time do you start your day, what do you do first thing, and how do the activities help you prepare for your work?

A: My morning routine is really the most important time of my day. It doesn’t always go in the same exact order, but a typical day starts with sungazing: so watching the sun rise, exposing my eyes, pineal gland and third eye to the sun whilst simultaneously grounding. I get barefoot on the grass, sand or dirt. That is to set my circadian rhythm, set off all the chemical reactions and get all the processes throughout my body going at the right times. And then with the grounding, getting connected to the earth, getting rid of any charge that’s on my body. It’s super important as one of the first things that I do.

One of the other things I do of course is Quantum Flow, which I like to do right after the sun rises, typically. So I’ll do between 30 minutes and an hour of Quantum Flow. Normally I do an intuitive session, followed by meditation. I like to do Quantum Flow before my meditation because it raises my state of consciousness and then I’m already connected with the Quantum Field so I’m able to explore much easier during the meditation and I’m in tune to what I need to within the Quantum Field – because I’m already there.

I follow up meditation with prayer. Prayer is really important for me in terms of service to others, the healing of the planet and the upgrade of everyone. My purpose is all about service to others in my opinion. Then I do a cold shower. That’s just to get the spiritual side awake within me, to get that biophotonic energy pumping. Then I also do a light cardio workout to get my heartrate up. I don’t raise it to the point where I feel exhausted all day, but just to the point where I can really get my awareness into my heart and not so much in my mind. I can also tap into the runner’s high when doing that. I listen to spiritual content, typically. So something from JuanPa, or Michael Bernard Beckwith or other spiritual teachers as I essentially do a fast-paced walk. I follow that up with 20 minutes or so of strength training and stretching. Sometimes I’ll go and sit in the jacuzzi, I love that. Meditating in there, too. Or I do an infrared sauna. Not every day, but a few times a week I do that.

I also journal every morning. I like to journal after my prayer, either on gratitude or things that come up. Then when all of that is done, I’ll shoot my daily video for Instagram and YouTube, and then follow that up with some Quantum Flow over Zoom with my clients or with other spiritual entrepreneurs or light workers that are doing great things as part of my fellowship with them. That’s how I structure my morning. I know that sounds like a lot, and it is, but if you start at sunrise, there is plenty of time to play with. And since spirituality is my main focus, and raising my vibration is my main aim, this is a different kind of “work”; it’s inner work, not so much like what I was doing before, which was like waking up and jumping on a computer right away to start answering emails. This is all about raising my vibration. Then later on in the day, if there is business stuff to get done, it gets done. I don’t worry about that. So that’s the gist of my morning routine.

Before Quantum Flow, I was pretty good about the sunrise, but I would prioritise work so early on, sometimes even waking up right away and starting to work and not focusing on myself or raising my vibration at all. I was a lot less committed to that. I was starting work much sooner, and that would segway into my work day. Now my whole day is about staying in a state of Flow, making sure that I fill up my cup first because I can make my own schedule. I prioritise everything that will put me in a state of high vibration first, and then naturally work is in a flow state because I’m overflowing at that point – almost ready to serve everyone else because I’ve done my spiritual tasks, if you want to call them that. 

Q: Yes! Now let’s talk about your workday. How do you make decisions about your activities? How do you plan and get things done? Do you take breaks or do anything to keep you in Flow during the day? Anything you keep around your desk or in your mind during the day?

A: So work is pretty simple, It’s really aligned with what I love doing now so I don’t even really consider it work. Of course you have things sometimes that you don’t necessarily like doing that need to get done, but I’ve outsourced a lot of that stuff. We have teams working on things that aren’t aligned with my purpose. So the key that I’ve found – and it’s really magical – is that if you stay in Flow state, the less efforting you need to do in terms of trying to get things done. Things get done without so much effort. That doesn’t mean that you are doing nothing, it just means that what you’re doing feels good. So you just don’t consider it work. When people are asking me about work now, it really doesn’t resonate because I don’t feel like I’m working all that much. It’s inner work, yes, you’re doing things, but it comes with a lot of ease and grace so it’s really amazing: it’s like this new way of living that I’ve tapped into that is really fun and it feels aligned and powerful because I believe when you focus on what you love doing, you’re naturally going to stay really committed to them and become better and better at them. 

There’s no “I have to do it” – I literally want to do it. This is what I would do if I had all the time and all the money in the world. I ask myself that question: “If I had all the time and all the money in the world, how would I spend this day?” How would I give back, what would be my contribution in this reality? Then I try to focus on doing those things.

So staying in Flow is a must, but if I do have 3D work (if you want to call it that) that I need to do, i make sure that I still take breaks to get out in nature, do a little meditation or breathwork or pure Quantum Flow, just to make sure that I’m not losing that conscious awareness of what I’m doing. But that doesn’t happen that much. I’m pretty good at clicking into the flow state now because I have practiced A LOT (laughs). I have really committed my life to the spiritual practice and letting the pieces unfold the way they are supposed to. 

I think an important point too, in terms of differences from where I was before to where I am now is that I’m very in-tune with my body, and I know when I need to rest. Before it was like go-go-go, 12 hours a day – it doesn’t matter what your body is saying, you’re going to keep working. Now it’s like there are seasons, or cycles, of being productive, then cycles of grounding and integration where you’re really required to just sit still.

So I’m no longer caught up in this nine to five type of schedule, or – as an entrepreneur – 7 am to 7 pm. And really that looks like sensing that I’m action-oriented now, or I’m feeling like I need to rest and integrate, and really listening to that. I find that really propels you forward much faster because it knows what’s best for you. When you tap into your intuition and really trust it, it makes a huge difference – listening more to my intuition, rather than following the 3D time matrix and scheduling. Being more in a Flow state where I’m open and receptive to whatever the now moment wants to bring. That has been very powerful.

Q: Amazing. Tell me about your evening routine.

A: In terms of my evening routine, I always meditate. Typically closer to bed. In the evenings I’ll watch spiritual content. It’s also really important for me to spend time with my fiancee. We watch shows, we watch Netflix: I’m not someone who is against any of that stuff. I love watching that stuff. I just try to bring more awareness to it so I’m not getting so subconsciously programmed by the content that’s out there. But it’s something that I enjoy doing with my fiancee so I don’t judge myself for doing anything like that – going out to nice dinners… Evening for me is more family time if you want to call it that because so much of my day is spent on my inner journey and then of course what I’m passionate about. I’ve filled up my cup throughout the day. That’s the evenings… and then sunset is big for me: I love sungazing at night as well. Sometimes I’ll do a little Quantum Flow at night as well. However, Quantum Flow can get my heartrate up a little bit which can make it harder to fall asleep so that’s typically more of a morning and earlier-in-the-day thing that I do.

I also like sitting by the fire pit. There’s something about sitting by the fire that’s very meditative for me. And I don’t do this every day – it’s something I’m working on – but reflecting on my day and doing a little journalling on how my day went I think is a really effective thing. Just sometimes I don’t feel like doing it, so I don’t (laughs). But that’s something I’d like to incorporate a little bit more.

But yeah, my evenings aren’t as structured as my mornings. My mornings are much more involved. I’ve got a lot more on that list, whereas during the evenings it’s about vegging out and chilling. But I always meditate because I love meditating at night. I think that’s really important.

Q: Wow! Have you found that your diet has changed as you’ve been moving forward on your journey? Do you have more energy now?

A: There have been some changes, yes! One of them is drinking a lot more water. For whatever reason, I had a hard time drinking water. It almost made me feel sick. Now I’m drinking about a litre of water per day. The lemon water has been great, too. I’ve started drinking more cacao, with a medicinal mushrooms blend instead of so much coffee. I know that for entrepreneurs, coffee is a go-to. I’ve been able to reduce that, which has been helpful. I’ve become less reliant on it. I’ve also added a superfood smoothie, which is amazing. I do that almost every day. Those are actually things I plug right into my morning routine.

The other thing that I think has been important for me on my journey is not judging myself if I choose something that maybe isn’t of the highest vibration. Before I would kinda beat myself up if I ate something bad ir if I drank something bad. I would create this cycle of getting almost high off the bad food and then feeling bad about myself. I would sit in this low vibration. But I’ve found that if I don’t judge myself, I don’t create that rebellious child that feels like they have to keep doing it. It happens less frequently, the eating something that’s maybe not the highest for me because I’m just appreciating it and being grateful for it amd the experience. For example, going out to dinner with friends, or going to someone’s house for a barbeque… I can just let my hair down without being picky and strict with my diet. And that’s okay – being picky – it just doesn’t work for me because I find myself being so strict and then falling off the wagon. So incorporating healthy things – the superfoods and drinking more water and then allowing myself to enjoy whatever, from time to time, has been very helpful.

With exercise, it’s kind of a similar story. For about a year – during the pandemic – I didn’t really exercise that much. That was because I really felt like I needed to get into the energetics of who I was, release suppressed emotions, suppressed trauma… I wanted to rewire my nervous system, work on the energetic body and spiritual body, as opposed to the physical body. The reason why I had been exercising for most of my life except for last year – apart from athletics, was for vanity purposes. Feeling like I needed to look a certain way to feel good about myself, which I found was still a low vibrational way of operating. Whereas now, I feel like I’ve done a lot of the inner work, and my exercise feels like it comes from a space of just feeling good. So I mix it up, but as I talked about earlier, on a daily basis I do about an hour of brisk walking to get my heartrate to about 135 and 150. That really brings me into my body, and it’s like a walking meditation, essentially. It’s such a fun way to work out, for me. It gives me a different reason to work out rather than trying to look a certain way. This is a way for me to get connected to my heart. So that’s been really fun, and I’ve also been doing a ton of stretching. And I do strength training, too, to maintain muscle. But what’s changed the most is the reason why I’m working out. I love myself the way I am meant to be right now. If am I meant to be a certain weight, or look a certain way, I’m okay with that because I’ve learned to cultivate the inner self love. But now that I have this exciting reason to workout in that it connects me more with my body, it just gives it a different input, so I’m excited to see the results of that – just doing it for a different reason now that things are opening back up. Our gym was closed for an entire year over here in California, so it’s amazing how it’s all coming back together in perfect timing… 

However, I wouldn’t say that I have more energy. That’s something that has not happened in the way I thought it would. Before, I thought I needed to have energy all the time. And I’ve found that in the process of expanding your consciousness, and embodying more light, you can actually feel tired quite a bit. So I’ve actually found myself sleeping a lot more nowadays than I used to. And just listening to that. I kinda think of it as upgrading your software. Similar to a computer when the software is being upgraded, the system needs to shut down in order to install that new software. So when you’re constantly focused on upgrading your software, expanding your consciousness, embodying more of your higher self… if that’s your North star – the objective of your algorithm: you’re going to be getting a lot of upgrades; require the requisite rest and sleep, meditation, and all that stuff. 

So I don’t feel like I have more energy, it’s just a different type of energy. It’s more expanded, but it’s not like when you take a shot of expresso: it’s more calm than that. For me, that was kind of surprising. I thought I was going to be on fire 24/7, and that’s just not the case for me, but that might be the case for others. It’s just not something I’ve really experienced.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

A: In terms of what else I would want you to know is that I know in my heart now that there’s a way entrepreneurs can work that’s not so “running yourself into the ground” and really harnesses the power of spirit and this potent energy (laughs) to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. But it does take the breaking down of the belief system that you need to be busy all the time and that you need to burning so much energy all the time. I know that for me, just sitting still was a really challenging thing. I was so programmed to go go go. Realising that I didn’t have to do that made me wonder, so what do I do then?! So you have to start adding things in that allow you to expand, and help you evolve and don’t make you feel trapped. Things that help you realise that the energy that’s available now is more potent than ever before. And things can get done in a completely different way – how I did things before is almost opposite to the way I do things now. I’ve been more successful doing things this way and so much happier and feel more free.

So it’s all working together. I’m not having to sacrifice other areas of my life to be successful. I can really do something where I know I’m making an impact and I’m following my soul’s calling. It’s been an amazing transition and it’s still moving: it’s dynamic and it’s constantly evolving and that’s really the thing that I’m focused on – my North Star: continuing to evolve consciously, evolve my spirituality and of course, fulfill my soul’s blueprint (why I’m here), and contribute the best I can.


Thank you so much Howie for your time, hermano, and sharing your story and so much of your life with us. You can find Howie on Instagram here: @happyhowie11. For more information about Quantum Flow, check us out at https://quantumflow.com/

Life is Bliss…