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I know many people in our amazing Tribe have manifested more abundance. Others are feeling Alive and Awake! Yet sometimes it can be a little overwhelming…


Let’s start with the ups and downs

It’s important to realise firstly that highs and lows are a sign that you still have work to do on your limiting beliefs and your blindposts – this is the game of the ego. When you create a new vision and go after it, the parts of you that don’t allow you to believe in yourself come out. The more you are aware of this, the less energy you’ll lose believing these thoughts and emotions. Little by little, you can enroll your ego in your spiritual journey, using all this extra energy and focus you gain to focus on your vision and your most authentic path. 


Understanding the ego

The ego simply runs on a program – for most people, that program is still the one that was implanted by society, so they keep on suffering or not reaching their highest potential. But we all have the capacity to reprogram ourselves so that our ego works in unison with our most authentic self. 


But you don’t have to be that way. You can reprogram yourself to be entirely magnetic – thanks to being raw and real, creating your vision, and actually cultivating your inner charisma. This is about accepting and nurturing your sense of presence, which doesn’t depend on anyone or anything.


Getting magnetic from the inside

Now let’s talk about maximal magnetism. The first thing to know is that manifesting is an inner game. It’s about knowing that the Universe wants manifest abundance through you. When we holistically honour the divine intelligence that is part of all life, bringing it deeply into our lives, we become open and receptive on another level. This is especially powerful if we commit to being in the highest vibration possible in order for that energy to flow through us. 


So many people change their character based on the people they are around or the situations they find themselves in. Their true self is only revealed when no one is watching. Ask yourself: when you are alone, how do you behave? How do you feel? Do you engage in certain habits like binging on Netflix or eating sugar because you feel these are the only moments you can fully relax? 


So many people dedicate a short time of their day to being aligned: they do a short meditation, or a workout, but they don’t change their life overall. They might be aligned for a short moment, or connect with who they want to meet briefly, but they don’t change their vibration or their lifestyle. So they struggle achieving their goals.


Have you ever done a powerful manifestation exercise, felt the high from it, only to find yourself in your same usual mindset after a few hours? Have you ever gone to an event or a retreat only to return to your routine upon your return? This is because no matter how much we try to master manifesting through external stimulations, it won’t last long-term if you don’t make it happen thanks to magnetism. 


Of course you need to be strongly centred and grounded for this to ever last (the first step of Quantum Flow). There needs to be a foundation for manifestation in your life. But we also need to nurture ourselves throughout the whole day, our whole journey, so that our vibration stays high.


Measuring magnetism

Now, we already have computers that can measure the vibration emanating from our body and even our brain, analysing which parts of our brain are dormant, if energy is flowing in our spine, etc. So thinking about our vibration isn’t some woo-woo indulgence, it is a scientific fact that we need to keep into account if we really want to reach our highest potential. 


Think about it this way: for your body, you have been acting and feeling and thinking in roughly the same way for however many years. A twenty-minute activation, no matter how good, can’t completely rewire your body and nervous system against the many years it has engaged in similar patterns. 


It begins with commitment

This is why I talk about commitment all the time: this really is about changing our lifestyle so that we can not only be completely free but also make sure that change is authentic and long-lasting. The universe doesn’t stop taking into account your vibration when you leave for work or stop your workout. This can only happen if you commit again and again to Quantum Flow, to this practice, to being in a different state than the one you usually stay in.


Magnetism happens when you go deep into why you are really here. After releasing what’s holding you back from that vision, keeping your vibration high is the key step that will allow you to become truly magnetic. 


What keeps your vibration up? What makes you feel good? What makes you passionate? Is going through nature? Doing sports? Making love? Writing? Dancing? Playing with your children? It doesn’t need to be complicated or something you thought of as ‘spiritual’ before. 


If you aren’t sure what gets you in that high-vibrational, magnetic space, observe your day to day life. What are things that put a smile on your face? What allows you to stay in that high-vibrational space the whole day? Since you’ve looked at your limiting beliefs and have been practicing being an observer of your emotions and thoughts, it will become easier and easier not to commit to the parts of you that bring your energy down – especially as you focus more and more on the things that keep your vibration high. 


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