Biohacking your way to abundance: Three key pieces of advice

Have you ever watched a video on social media and thought, “If only I could be that _____?” You could fill in the blank with anything there. It could be charismatic, amazing, beautiful, flexible…. It may seem harmless, but you may not know that the admiration you feel as you get into that state could be blocking the abundance you want to come into your life. If you have ever found yourself doing this, here are three pieces of advice I would love to share with you. They are organized into three steps to help you implement them easily.

Be yourself

To tap into abundance and create the life of your dreams, you need to be fully ready to be fully yourself. You can’t manifest the life of your dreams by trying to be like someone you admire or someone you see on social media. It won’t happen if you are trying to be someone your partner or family wants you to be. 


Because the Universe wants to manifest through you and your uniqueness. You are a unique piece in the puzzle that is the world. When we hide our truth because we don’t think we are good enough, the whole ecosystem we are a part of suffers. 

We tend to accept the parts of us that were encouraged when we were children or that are widely accepted by society. The other parts can cause shame or we might not even know what to do with them, so we tuck them away. 

However, your uniqueness is a gift to the world and it has to be expressed! When you express who you truly are, you will bring benefits to the entire world. It’s true! Many people and systems might encourage us to deny who we truly are, but your authentic being is here to shine and show others what is possible. When you are completely yourself, you inspire others to do the same!

Commit to the shift

When you start committing to that shift, life starts to flow through you effortlessly. You are connecting to the Quantum field more and more, and you are therefore able to make Quantum leaps instead of small incremental changes, or arduous progress that requires a lot of effort and time.

By opening yourself to the infinite aspects of your own being, you open yourself to the field of infinite possibilities. When you open to the truth of who you are, life naturally supports you. You get to have an intuitive sense of what to focus on, what the next steps are for you. You inherently know what’s for you, and what isn’t. 

Step one: Discover if you are acting out of obligation

First, check your thoughts and emotions. Notice when you are acting from a place that isn’t in alignment with that sense of honesty and freedom. Make it a practice to notice when you are telling yourself “I have to do this,” or “I should be doing this.” How much in your daily life is based on a sense of obligation? If you don’t do anything that brings you authentic joy, there is a much higher chance you will do things that lower your vibration, like eating foods that don’t work for you, spending your free time watching hours of TV, etc.

Step two: Be clear about your desires

Next, be clear about what you want (without attachment). You want to have clear goals and a vision you can come back to, but don’t be controlling. When you try and push too hard instead of being in flow, you will actually stop yourself from receiving what you want. I know, it sounds like a contradiction, but basically when you try to force things you are unable to enjoy yourself, fully be yourself, and therefore get the best results possible.

Step three: Accept and embody what you love

Thirdly, remember that your uniqueness is one of the keys to your dream life. Would you ask an avocado tree to change itself into a mango tree? No. Both are absolutely amazing. The only important thing for each tree is to make the best possible avocados or mangos. It’s the same thing with you: you first have to access who you are and what you’re here to do. And what you love, too.

If you love helping people so they can become happier and access the best possible life… helping them break free from their old restrictions and mindsets–then you must accept that you love helping people! What good would fighting it bring you? Denying it and doubting yourself because you don’t feel good enough or you don’t have a coaching certification serves no one. Whatever you love, accept it, embody it.

So now, go back to your vision. Get clear on what you want to manifest. Give the emotions related to it the authorization to rise through you. Visualize the new life you want to experience. Get more and more clear on your vision, being more descriptive every time. Don’t worry about writing or dreaming too much. It doesn’t matter how much time it will take you to manifest it. Plant the seed of your intention now!


Life is Bliss…



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