I have shared planning around how to live with this amazing CONSCIOUS LIVING between

superfood, elixirs and all kind of good activities

Whether it’s horse riding, or conscious living yoga

Whatever it is, we are doing everything to feel the BLISS of being alive

I have also shared a perfect and amazing mixture of cacao which is an amazing totally natural

organic medicine

We can also make chocolates and organic coffee with that

It is interesting,

How we have been using this Cacao this perfect medicine wrongly to make coffee

So here I have shared the right way to make a coffee not caffeine that stop your brain

If you want to build your adrenaline

If you want to have strong kidney

If you want to increase your energy

Try this method and you will absorb a change

And this is what I am making

It’s a perfect medicine

Follow these steps to get all organic things to your body

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, and a super anti-oxidant

I have shared how turmeric helps to release stored toxin from your body and its anti-cancer

So if you want to have healthy body, drink it everyday

I have also shared the benefits of all this organic food in this mixture

If you want to drink organic and want a healthy fresh mind and body, you need to connect with me

I will be guiding you through,

How this mixture helps you get focused mind

How it’s good for the hormones


Why you must try it to have a healthy body and mind


Remember, I love you!