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  Things are getting out of control. There is chaos around you – in your relationships, your work, because of restrictions, health problems – it doesn’t matter.  Dealing with chaos wherever it comes up is a skill that is always useful.

We need your best self to help us all manage chaos and lead us out of it stronger and wiser for next time.

Prepare yourself & respond rather than react

Preparing for chaotic situations can help you quickly adapt and respond the way you want to in the moment. What does your best, calmest and highest self do when things get crazy? Take out your journal and write down what qualities you would ideally embody when under stress.

If chaos rises quickly and we need to respond to it urgently, there is no way to prepare. However, we can always take a deep breath and make a conscious choice to respond instead of reacting. Or at the very least, stop ourselves as soon as we become aware that we are reacting and we don’t like how that looks. We are human and perfection isn’t realistic. You can do it!

Practice acceptance

While you might try to control the chaos happening around you, it can often work against you. There is no point fighting against chaos – doing that can even bring your vibration down. So once you have prepared yourself and you’re in the thick of that chaos, say: Yes. Yes, I am surrounded by chaos. Yes, this isn’t where I want to be right now. However, what am I being called to embody right now? How can I help others with my innate gifts in this important moment? Once you accept the reality you see and know is not you, you extract yourself from its disharmony and become part of the solution.

Express your emotions healthily 

If you find yourself immersed in chronic chaos or it is showing up in your life often, emotions around it can start to build up. Anytime you see that happening inside yourself get your journal, or your art materials, or your pillow – whatever you need to express your annoyance, anger, or despair… All emotions are welcome. Get raw and real, clear your channel, with love. And make space for positive emotions to flow through you and help you grow so strong that chaos can no longer affect you.

Take five

If responding is not an option for you but a situation is getting super hot, stressful and pressuring you so much, and you’re ready to react out of desperation or impatience, take five. Unless you’re in a life-or-death situation or you or someone else is in immediate danger, there is usually time to take a quick breather.

Very soon, I will be sharing with you some amazing Quantum Flow techniques that can turn around your state of being in just a few moments. For now, create a little distance by excusing yourself for a couple of minutes if you can. If there is some place private you can go, go there and ground yourself. Take some long, deep, relaxing breaths. Put your hands on your heart and exhale with the sound “Ahhh”. Ask for guidance. By doing that, you are connecting to your heart and bringing wisdom in to help you.

Try adaptogens

Stress affects us at all levels – chemically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally, energetically… And for in the moment as well as chronic stress aids, my favourite superfoods are the adaptogens like Ashwagandha and Maca. The Daoist tonic herbs like Reishi, Rehmannia, Chinese Asparagus root can also help you to stay calm and centred.


For more guidance on how to use Quantum Flow to help you manage stress, chaos and cultivate more peace, vitality and happiness in your life, visit


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