Cosmic Abundance Ceremony

Live from COSTA RICA!

Beloved Soul,

Are You ready?

The last few months have been intense, with many people feeling the intensity of the energetic upgrades and in April, everything continues to accelerate!

From the middle of April, we start to see an acceleration of love, beauty and abundance, specifically financial abundance, for those who are open and ready to receive.

The Cosmic Abundance Ceremony will help you specifically in utilising the grand abundance energies that are flooding in from the middle of April, whilst anchoring in the 3D physical manifestations of that true abundance.

After a new moon reset on April 11th facilitates the mid-month acceleration, from the 21st of April, a divine cosmic birthing begins to take place.


Join Us Familia,


As new cosmic codes of abundance begin to form, there is a high chance that we will even witness this cosmic ceremony taking place through a series of meteor showers taking place, including dozens or potentially hundreds of shooting stars in our sky every hour…

As above so below, as this cosmic birthing of infinite light takes place on April 21st.

This is also a divine portal of opportunity for us to rebirth a higher frequency of true abundance within ourselves.

During the Cosmic Abundance Ceremony, we will be helping you tap into the powerful upgrades that are available through this portal, as well as shifting and clearing any shadows and old outdated coding around abundance that no longer serves you.

Dear One,

As we portal into this cosmic implosion of abundance together during the ceremony, we will be creating a powerful vortex to ground and stabilise all of these shifts that will be taking place through each of us.

We have been guided to open up the ceremonial vortex across time and space to allow anyone who desires, to participate in this vortex online with us!


Here’s what others say about our ceremonies:

Get Ready to Manifest

You will be guided through Breath Flow, Energetic Architecture, Quantum Flow and many other potent tools in order for you to tap into the personal and planetary updates that are available at this time. Allowing us all to stand in greater service to humanity.


Regan & JuanPa


We have entered an intensely transformative time since December 21.

The Plasma Light is streaming to us, encoded with everything you need to unveil your full potential. Join us in our 3 Day Immersion where we activate your deepest crystalline potential, elevate to your highest frequency and embody your cosmic plasma light!