Dealing with negative thoughts and emotions to open to divine truth












A lot of people who talk about spirituality and personal development approaches tell you to focus only on the positive. 


Whilst it’s definitely true that we should make an effort to create positive habits, break free from negative patterns, and rewire our mindset, focusing only on positivity has its pitfalls. The reality is, we are all human, and we need to fully tap into the scope of our experience in order to become expert manifestors, who co-create with the Universe effortlessly.


If you don’t deal with the emotions, needs and thoughts that come up and are “negative,” there can’t be coherence in your energetic field. These emotions, thoughts, and reactions have an energetic charge, even if you are pretending that they are not there, or you are trying to repress them!


No matter how many times you try to change your mindset or do “spiritual” things, these insatiable impulses will come back until you find a way to transform them. Otherwise, it’s like trying to fill a container with liquid even when the container is full of holes. 


See how that would be a waste of energy? It’s the same thing with your focus and drive. This is why the Quantum Flow method has several steps, including grounding, alchemy and incorement. We get raw and real about where you are at so that you can fully transform what is holding you back, rather than try and bury it. We don’t let emotions and thoughts that aren’t benefiting you fester in the dark. It’s much better to get honest about what you are actually going through and learn to transmute these emotions and thoughts, so that the energy that is meant to go towards your purpose and your divine truth can actually be used just for that. 


When we get raw and real about what’s really in our field, we can work through the lower vibrations that we are still very much dealing with. It’s useless pretending that they are not there. You can’t “love and light” your way out of the patterns ingrained in you, or out of the human experience. Trying to be perfect or “enlightened” doesn’t actually bring you closer to your higher self, to who you are really meant to be. 


When you don’t deal with the lower vibrations stuck in your nervous system, in your chakras (which are just nervous centres where a lot of nerves and energy are concentrated), your whole energetic system is out of harmony. 


You can’t be fully balanced and harmonised if there are incoherences that you are not transmuting because you are refusing to acknowledge that they are there in the first place. Different vibrations are being emitted at the same time, when in fact we want you to be able to have a coherent, high vibration that is going to allow you to attract what is really for your highest good for you.


Since your vibration is your way of communicating with the Universe, we need to make sure that signal, that frequency, is unified and sends one clear message. 


The incoherences I am talking about are basically all the stuff that you haven’t dealt with and that your body has recorded. Your energetic system is trying to flow, to run in the way that it is supposed to, but your nervous system is clogged! Your nerve endings are entangled (like knots) in a way that doesn’t let energy flow in your body and in your nervous system, like it should. 


All your wounds, traumas and memories are stored in these “knots.” So if you don’t work on disentangling them so that you can return to your natural state of moving energy and unrestrained flow; these knots start taking away from the energy of your higher chakras/nervous centres.


These incoherences/knots are usually located in the lower chakras (which relate to our sense of safety and sense of self) but when they can’t function properly, they need to get their energy from somewhere else. This means that the energy that should be used for intuition, manifestation, and expansion is distorted. Instead, it gets channelled for survival, contraction and limitation. 


This is why systems that don’t take into account the lower chakras and dismiss them as unimportant don’t yield results in the long-term. 


When you aren’t in tune with what is happening in your body, energetic field and life in general, you simply can’t take action to bring yourself back into balance. 


When you resolve the distortions that are happening in your field, you can finally fully harness the energy that was always meant for you to tap into your full potential. That energy was always meant to remind us of who we truly are, of what our divine truth is. But as long as we don’t resolve our issues around security, belonging and knowing who we are, we can’t expand and manifest the life of our dreams with ease, grace and flow. 


Dealing with our emotions, thoughts and the distortions in our field might seem like unglamorous work. But remember that the energy you release when you “disentangle” your nervous system can then flow freely and be harnessed for you to manifest what you truly desire and what is for your highest good. What was holding you back literally becomes fuel for you to create the best life ever. 


This is why the Quantum Flow method takes into account the entirety of the nervous system, rather than focusing on any one aspect of it. By unleashing the energy stuck in our lower centres, we become more empowered to live a life where we are fully embodied, intuitively guided, and constantly expanding. 


Releasing our blocks takes honesty and commitment; it’s not going to happen on its own if we do not dedicate ourselves to the Quantum Flow process fully. But it’s also sometimes simpler than we imagine. Following the different Quantum Flow steps and practicing the Quantum Flow physical activations is enough to get that energy going again! There is nothing to effort yourself or push really hard. A gentle but expert method is the best way to go about this. 


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