Salvaje De Entrenamiento De Liderazgo

Awaken your intuition and amplify your leadership

Salvaje De Entrenamiento De Liderazgo

Awaken your intuition and amplify your leadership

Amplify your leadership

Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams And Release Whatever Is Holding You Back In Life

The Wild Leadership Training is an 8 day training to deliver all the tools you need to awaken and magnify your leadership: mindset, ancestral embodiment practices, core realignment, transformational breath work, life enhancing philosophy, mind, body and energy bio-hacking, qi gong, sacred geometry energetics, muscle empowerment, holistic healing, meditation, vibrational medicine and much more…


Commit on a deeper level to your purpose
Amplify the magnet that you are
Learn how to cultivate radiance through your presence
Release thought patterns that hold you from becoming the best version of you
Unveil your blind Spots to release blockages on any are of your life
Awaken your creativity and inspiration
Take your business to next level
Learn the art of abundance and manifestation
Increase your energy, clarity and vitality
Open to your intuition, to downloads and enter into states of flow
Attract more soulmate clients through the awakening of your full authentic self

"Wild Leadership Training has changed my life forever

This is how I have decided to live my life from now on - connecting with my true self for every single decision I make. My true-self had been pushed down from years of abuse, trauma, toxic thought patterns, and living in my head. I choose to live my life with ease, grace, and flow. No more hustle. No more should’s, have to’s, or struggle. Thank you Juan Pablo Barahona, Regan Hillyer. I see you. I love you. I am eternally grateful."



Wow, overflowing with gratitude at this powerful practice, all of you and dear Juan Pablo and Regan for their leadership. Thank you all for welcoming me with open hearts! Love you, familia. Tomorrow – another great Wild Leadership day “

Rebecca Jean | Energetic Archtiect | FORMACIÓN EN LIDERAZGO SALVAJE


Embodying your true purpose
How to fine tune your body for success in every level
Tapping into the dormant parts of your leader
How to bio-hack your mind to access your supraconscious mind
How to constantly tap into deeper layers of your intuition
Unleashing and amplifying the power of your core
How to awaken deeper layers of confidence, trust and inner courage
Amplifying the Authentic Powerful speaker within and learning how to incorporate the quantum flow into the keynotes to impact your audience at every level
How to become the version of you that automatically impacts more people
Designing your daily leadership activation plan
Aligning to the frequency of abundance
The 7 leadership portals that most leaders are unaware of
How to rewire your nervous system so you can open to the next frequency of leadership
Use your emotions as tools of manifestation
The specific method to use your body and muscles to tap into the highest levels of energy possible.
Realigning your inner leadership identity
Realigning your inner leadership identity
How to overcome the inner resistance of your next levels of leadership
Rewiring internal blocks into your greatest gifts and opportunities
Tapping into the five key elements so you can increase your income
Plus much, much more…

An incredible journey…