Tapping into the universal energy and to the universal love is something each of us should

practice every day, which we did at the Soul Remembrance Retreat

Soul remembrance retreat was an incredible event

We had beautiful group of people celebrating this amazing day

We loved having an amazing webinar and I am really grateful after the online training

We discussed,

Manifestation through sexual energy

The power of alignment


The supremacy of universal love

It was so beautiful and I am so inspired

So many people are asking for the recording

If you really want to tap into some amazing knowledge, we can send you the recording

We had a very deep and very transformational talk

We also experienced a very beautiful energy

The energy to take you to your true purpose

Always keep in mind,

Life is good

Life is flowing

Life is synchronicity

It’s really about surrendering

It’s all about letting yourself and having no control

Let go of your expectations

Let go of your attachment


Just love life

To be happy each and every day you need to do this little practice,

Write five reasons why you are happy

Why you can be happy

Why you can be grateful

Acknowledged your present moment to be with yourself

Follow your heart not your mind


Mind always focuses on the negative that’s its nature

This will help you going beyond rationality and reason

This will help you choosing the heart and the soul

We really tapped into the universal energy and into universal love

Each day every one of us should realize ourselves that,

I am here listening to my heart

I am the answer to every question


I am the solution

And just type yes if you want the recording


Remember, I love you!