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Quantum reality is where everything you want in your life lies. But how can you get there? The truth is, quantum reality is always all around us, waiting for us to tap into it. But the road to that peaceful, blissful, abundant place might not be what you expect.

Quantum Flow takes your focus off just your current reality, and turns it on to your infinite potential. But we can’t expand into our quantum reality until we accept the current reality. This is where we stop pretending things are just fine when they aren’t. It’s where we take our masks off and accept where we are at in life. 

This is where you come from a place of deep honesty and love for yourself and say things are not fine! And I’m ready to do something about it. Maybe you’re at a point where you need to admit that you aren’t happy in your relationship. From that space, you can focus on upgrading your relationship. You don’t need to worry about the way that’s going to happen. You’re simply planting the seed of recognition, admitting that you want something more. You admit that if you tap into your Soul, into your higher self, you know that there is more. 

But this doesn’t have to be about your relationships or the people around you. Maybe you need to admit you’re not happy with how your business is being run at the moment, or that you are yearning for a job that is aligned with your purpose. And all of these realisations will probably lead you back to the idea that you’re ready to expand into something better, that you know you were meant for more than what your current reality is offering.

It’s really important to start from that place of honesty and rawness. Too many people think that spirituality comes at the price of always smiling, always thinking positive, always saying positive things…  but look at the world around you: wouldn’t it be better with some well-intentioned, carefully-examined honesty? 

We all need to be raw and real about where we are at in life. From that place of lovingly taking an inventory of every aspect of our reality, we can start moving forward with our process. We can start using Quantum Flow to move into the direction that is truly aligned with our deepest desires. 

When you move from a place of honesty, you can be so much more intentional about what you are manifesting. But being raw and real isn’t about beating yourself up. Your current reality is what it is, yes, but you also have the power to change it. The point isn’t to blame yourself or add negative self-talk to your life. Again, we are simply taking inventory of how things are going compared to what you most desire to create and manifest. It’s all about being present to what is so that you can manifest with ease, grace, and flow what is completely in alignment with who you truly are.

Here, honesty is a tool you can use to free yourself, to give yourself permission to be the person you were always meant to be, without any limitations. 

Because being raw and real isn’t a place we stay forever. Once you’ve gone through Stage 1 of the Quantum Flow Method, you can move on to the second stage: focusing all of your attention on what you are bringing into your quantum field. After being honest about how you feel about your current reality, you can focus on the quantum reality you are already creating by using the Quantum Flow Method. 

You don’t need to hustle or struggle to do this. On the contrary, because you are tapping into the quantum field, you are simply tapping into what’s already yours. You are attracting to yourself what you want: resources, relationships, finances, anything that is needed for you to be the best version of yourself and share your gifts with the world. 

Woohoo! Next comes Stage 2…


The second step of the Quantum Flow Method, Alchemy, is all about creating a clear vision for yourself. It’s so important to know where you are going. Otherwise, it’s really easy to get lost in Stage 1: you look around, and because your reality isn’t what you would ideally want it to be, you don’t feel good. We want to avoid that pattern of self-blame and discouragement. 


We want to be clear about what we are focusing our attention on by creating an intention. Use your intention to clarify what you are focusing your energy on. To make it extra powerful, let yourself feel how you would feel if it had already happened – this is the quantum way of being. Imagine that you already have what you want. By staying in that heightened and expansive emotional state, you are attracting the object of your desire already! 


Knowing that it’s already done, let gratitude flow through you. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions – if not the most powerful of all – that we can use in order to both change our mindset and attract everything that is meant for us. Gratitude allows us to live with much more joy and happiness, and create a life where things flow effortlessly for us. 


If feeling gratitude feels too far to reach at the beginning, focus on whichever high-vibrational emotion is easy for you to tap into: joy, happiness, or just simple celebration, etc. The more you practice, the easier it will become. When you start, you might feel a bit “rusty”, like you can’t reach those higher emotions very fast or easily – but keep going! Even if you feel like you don’t even want to get out of bed, do this exercise. The Quantum Flow Method is specially designed to allow you to shift out of low vibrations, including the heaviest and most crippling. Continue with your Quantum Flow Practice and all will flow. 


Find things and people to be grateful for. Really, this is about finding any excuse to be grateful! It can be the smallest thing: the presence of a pet, a ray of sunshine, anything that works for you to summon that feeling of gratitude. From that place, you will be able to set a strong foundation for all of your manifestation work, as well as create dramatic change in your life before you know it. 

Life is Bliss…



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