Galactic VIP Business Day

Remove obstacles and take your business galactic in one day

Galactic VIP Business Day

Join JuanPa & Regan in upgrading yourself and your business

Do you want to unleash the potential you KNOW your business is destined for?

This special intensive business day is for heart centred entrepreneurs like you who want to expand their business from the core, beyond what you ever imagined. It will help you understand what is blocking your business on an energetic level from achieving the results you KNOW it’s destined to achieve.

This experience was developed by Regan and JuanPa after they witnessed the INCREDIBLE results this method was achieving for their clients. The Galactic Business Day has been birthed into a one day event where entrepreneurs will not only work on themselves internally and energetically, but will ALSO work on the energetic field of their business. The combination of these two methods works to remove the obstacles in yourself AND your business on the path to GALACTIC success.

Regan and JuanPa will work closely with you energetically and on the level of your subconscious to unlock your true genius and creativity and help your business step into the flow you’ve been waiting for.