Getting raw and real so you can biohack your reality

Have you ever resisted looking at your “weaknesses”, “negative” emotions and energies inside of you, habits you’d rather leave behind, baggage from the past? And while looking the other way, did you deeply desire to unleash the amazing, sublime, beautiful you, and leave everything else far behind… as quickly as possible…. In every area of your life?

To begin… go in

Are you ready to create the life of your dreams now? Well, for that to happen, you absolutely need to know how to ground. This process is an inploration. We go in, explore our own soul, our own purpose and inperience everything from within. No matter how much we engage with the world, how much energy radiates from us, or how much we impact others, Quantum Flow starts with going within. It’s crucial that we record in every cell of our being that we are already complete, we are already whole. 

As long as we try to deny the truth of where we are at, or how we are feeling, there is never true potential for change and transformation. This isn’t about judging or criticizing yourself. We all need to let go of who we thought we were, or who others might see us as. The truth is, whichever delusions we engage in never end up truly serving us, even when they seem like a good idea at the beginning.

Sure, The Quantum Flow method is about connecting to a positive, expansive mindset and then using this field of infinite possibilities to materialize what we want to manifest in our lives. When you do this, every area of your life is going to expand. But before you focus on the intentions or different areas you want to manifest things in, you need to know where you are starting from. This is why getting raw and real about your current reality is so important. Begin by reviewing where you are in the various areas of your life.

Review your life

Here are some of the areas of your life that you might like to review as you start this process of getting more raw and real to biohack your reality:

Spirituality: Are you constantly in tune with your inner voice, with your intuition? With your guides, the high vibrational energies (or any other way you want to call them) who are here to guide you all the time? 

Spiritually, Quantum Flow means that you are in tune with your intuition, with your gut. You know what is a yes or no for you, and what is the right next step.

Purpose: How does it feel to know that you are here to manifest the life of your dreams? Co-creating with the Universe? Do you actively do what you need to be aligned with your purpose ⁠— read books, do Quantum Flow, eat right so you’re clear-headed, energized, and feel great? 

Often, the problem with manifestation is that people start trying to manifest before getting clear on what space they are manifesting from. They still don’t know what their passions are, what they love, what they are meant to do. 

When you surrender to Quantum Flow, you don’t even have to think about what your purpose is. You accept that you love serving others, that you have a message to share with others, that you can be innovative business-wise. Personally, I believe in the visions and intentions that are coming through me. The more I surrender, the less I worry about how this is going to happen, or let doubt poison my life. 

Relationships: When looking at relationships, we often get caught up with what our relationships with others are like⁠—especially if we want a romantic relationship, or if we are experiencing negative emotions regarding our intimate partner, family, and friends. Initially, what’s most important is to connect with yourself, especially because when you are more in tune with your intuition, you can feel like doing things like going into nature or meditating by yourself more often. When you upgrade your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others (family, friends, romantic) will all upgrade automatically and effortlessly. 

Contribution: Are you aware that you are here to participate in creating a better world? When you tap into self-love and your purpose, your contributions will become more obvious⁠—you’ll know what you are here to share with the world. Are you tapping in and sharing your gifts with the world? Do you believe in yourself? 

Passion: What you love is unique and authentic to you. Your passions are the things you love to do, even when you don’t get paid to do them. Following your passion can take many forms, but it will always help you bring your gifts to the forefront of your life. For example, I loved being a performer and explored being a member of a serious and even doing some acting. Now, I’m not interested in being an actor in Hollywood, but this helps me share my work and my gifts with Quantum Flow and everything I do with my business. Exploring my passions allowed me to be the Quantum Flow practitioner I am today. 

Health: Are you detoxing regularly, fueling your body with nutritious foods and green juices? Are you getting out to exercise and move your body daily? Are you taking time to relax, unwind and rejuvenate? Or are you eating at your office desk, snacking on whatever you can find while on the run? Your energy levels and your ability to manifest rely on quality fuel. This is because toxic food and drinks don’t just block your body physically, they affect it on every level. 

Emotions: Are you able to be aware of your emotions without getting caught up in them? Do you spend a lot of your time on an emotional rollercoaster? Do you respond or react to others and events that happen during the day? Our emotions give us a good idea of the energetic state we are in. How are you doing in this area? 

Mindset: Most people who are interested in personal development have worked on their mindset. Working on your mindset can lead to great results in your life. How are you doing on this level? Are you able to work on this area without attaching to your goals? Do you work on your mindset every day?

Energy: Where are you at with your vibration? When you work on your mindset and embody it at a cellular level and align that inner energy, it emanates all around you. Can you feel that energy, and if so, how does it feel to you? When you live from your core and you allow your energy to expand more and more (and commit to doing it), the more you will see the results in your life. You will feel unstoppable. 

Financial abundance: This might be something you don’t want to look at, but it is so important to integrate every aspect of our life without shame. Are you able to help your children go to the school of their dreams? All of these things are tied to your financial situation. Are you going to buy that piece of land you always dreamed of purchasing and living on? Are you living the best life ever in every way, accepting financial abundance? Wealth is your natural state⁠—you don’t need to hustle, and we’ll get rid of all the false beliefs that tell you that you do. You can simply surrender to your dreams and the desires that come through you to achieve amazing abundance.

What to do when you fall into criticism 

If your inner judge, your inner criticism does come through, write down how you feel. Often, you’ll see that what comes through comes from adults who were around you as a child (parents, teachers, etc). These adults were disconnected from the bliss of life, from their own natural state.

Don’t feel bad about having negative emotions. If your process is steeped in negativity at first, don’t panic. You’re just uncovering the negative neural pathways that are set up in your brain at the moment. Keep exploring Quantum Flow and you’ll learn to rewire them!

Life is Bliss…



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