Have you activated the powerhouse in your core?




In fitness and beauty, we hear about the abdominals and core all the time, and many There’s an unexplored territory within you that holds so much powereople work hard to get the flat, muscular core they have admired on social media. We also know that a strong core supports your back and overall strength. Yoga workouts that target this area are all over the internet.

And in spirituality, we know of the importance of the chakras or nervous plexuses that are found in that region, yet that doesn’t usually translate to focusing on working out your core physically, does it?

Have you ever wondered why not?

I believe most people want flat abs because this is a key sign of health.

Yet there is so much more magic to discover inside your core that can help you RISE.

There’s an unexplored territory within you that holds so much power  

From Traditional Chinese Medicine to yoga and qigong to shamanism, many spiritual and healing traditions focus on your core centres. 

This focus, which goes back for centuries, was rooted in the fact that your core holds great power. But in modern life, we don’t think about our core. In fact, we have the tendency to cover up the emotions that we feel coming from that area with food. We eat ice cream when we are sad. We might drink alcohol because we are angry or anxious… 

What is within your core?

The core is about emotions and sexuality, but it is also about passion, and your natural gifts, many of which are often hidden until you learn to live from your core. This is because when you squeeze the massive nervous plexus in your core, connecting your pelvic core and navel during your Quantum Flow practice, you start to access all the energy that has been crystallised there. You can move it up towards your brain, into an area called the inductance field.

The inductance field of energy is linked to your spine, and has been measured by scientists with special equipment. Your spine, with all the fluids and electricity going through it, creates an energetic field, just like it can in other regions of your body. You see, naturally, your spine is like a fibre optic cable. It transmits messages at the speed of light, and every millisecond, there is an incredible amount of information travelling through your spine. However, if there are lots of crystals at the base of your spine because you aren’t living from your core, it won’t let all the energy it holds to flow to your brain. And that means it just can’t get to your frontal lobe from your reptilian brain, which is what naturally should be happening. However, through squeezing your core in specific ways, you can light up those dormant crystals, which may have been laying there for many decades.

It’s also about what you love

What is held inside your core is also the reason you are here, embodied on Earth. In there lies all the information about your passions and your life purpose. To access the information, you simply have to activate your core and listen to what comes through as you do Quantum Flow. Manifestation isn’t supposed to be serious and hard! Connecting to what is fun and freeing to you is a totally essential part of the process. So when you connect to what you love to do, go with it. And keep it up! You have got this. Of course, what you choose to do and love will probably be very different from anyone else, and that is good. There are no rules. But we are all here for you a reason. YOU are here for a reason. I’m insisting on this because it is so easy to forget with all the negative beliefs and messages we sometimes get from the world around us. 


Each of us are here for a reason: we have codes, gifts, messages, frequencies that we are here to share with the world. The message that you have to share with the world is unique, and absolutely needed by humanity.

Is mindset enough to rewire you from within?

So how can you find what you love and activate this great centre of power inside you? Well, first it is important to recognise that we have been focusing on our minds so much that we have lost touch with our bodies. As you probably know by now, the Quantum Flow Method is completely embodied. Yes most of the time, manifestation techniques focus solely on mindset and forget to include rewiring the nervous system and biohacking the body. That is why people get limited results no matter how hard they try. Or they reach a certain level with their results but can’t seem to go beyond that, even if they are textbook successful. This is why the Quantum Flow Method and practices include going deep into tapping into the full power of your body. 


This isn’t about working hard super hard, but about learning to rewire the connections into your body. By tapping into your core in this completely new, upgraded way, you create change from the inside out. As you have probably seen by now, this method is based on Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Biophysics, and many other branches of knowledge that tell us more about how the body and the mind connect with one another. By harnessing this knowledge, I found ways to get results much faster and on a much deeper level. This is how I have manifested the relationship, businesses, and land of my dreams. 


In the body, every element is equally important: the muscles are important, but of course the organs, the blood, the lymph, the nervous system are too. All parts are sacred – but if you don’t see them as such, then you’ll always be stuck in the mind! You’ll be reading book after book, doing training after training, without getting the results that you could achieve.


Now you can see why connecting to your core is such an important stage in your journey towards self-knowledge and expansive manifestation. In fact, it is so important that I have included it as the third stage of the Quantum Flow Methodology, Incorement. I go into this stage and the science behind incorement in detail in my upcoming book all about the Quantum Flow Method. 


The second step of the Quantum Flow Method, Alchemy, is all about creating a clear vision for yourself. It’s so important to know where you are going. Otherwise, it’s really easy to get lost in Stage 1: you look around, and because your reality isn’t what you would ideally want it to be, you don’t feel good. We want to avoid that pattern of self-blame and discouragement. 


We want to be clear about what we are focusing our attention on by creating an intention. Use your intention to clarify what you are focusing your energy on. To make it extra powerful, let yourself feel how you would feel if it had already happened – this is the quantum way of being. Imagine that you already have what you want. By staying in that heightened and expansive emotional state, you are attracting the object of your desire already! 


Knowing that it’s already done, let gratitude flow through you. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions – if not the most powerful of all – that we can use in order to both change our mindset and attract everything that is meant for us. Gratitude allows us to live with much more joy and happiness, and create a life where things flow effortlessly for us. 


If feeling gratitude feels too far to reach at the beginning, focus on whichever high-vibrational emotion is easy for you to tap into: joy, happiness, or just simple celebration, etc. The more you practice, the easier it will become. When you start, you might feel a bit “rusty”, like you can’t reach those higher emotions very fast or easily – but keep going! Even if you feel like you don’t even want to get out of bed, do this exercise. The Quantum Flow Method is specially designed to allow you to shift out of low vibrations, including the heaviest and most crippling. Continue with your Quantum Flow Practice and all will flow. 


Find things and people to be grateful for. Really, this is about finding any excuse to be grateful! It can be the smallest thing: the presence of a pet, a ray of sunshine, anything that works for you to summon that feeling of gratitude. From that place, you will be able to set a strong foundation for all of your manifestation work, as well as create dramatic change in your life before you know it. 


Life is Bliss…



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