How Can You Transform Your Life and Body from Within?

If I’m going to ask you, “what’s your definition of health?” Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary states that health is a condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit. 

In other words, true health is not just about the absence of diseases but rather the level of optimum function as a whole. I often hear from my clients that they “don’t feel good enough…”, “ that they don’t deserve it…”  All these come up when you start manifesting because it’s the lower part of yourself, triggered by your past experiences. 

Our bodies carry all those memories, stories, the limiting beliefs, past wounds, heartaches, and everything that holds us back. It becomes hard-wired in our brain, as well as in our nervous system – and as a result, you become stressed, unmotivated, and unhappy.  I know it sounds so familiar and I want you to know that you are not alone… The best that you can do right now is to let go of the limiting beliefs, blockages, and old suffering patterns to relinquish what’s holding you back. 

Will I be able to free myself from these blockages? 

There are certain ways that you can do to let the energy flow back to your system and commit to transforming to manifest the life that you desire. Try allowing your body system to rest, I absolutely recommend fasting. It’s one of the natural ways of releasing all the energy that has been accumulated in our organs. Focus on adding smoothies, green juices, and any superfoods that you like to add in your diet. Choose to eat as raw and organic as possible. Remember, fasting is just the doorway and there’s always something MORE beyond that. 

It’s amazing when you do it the right way. It can be fun… It is something that you feel so good that you can’t wait for the next day. You may also need some support system so you’ll stay on track of everything such as the breathwork, meditation, energy work, activations from your core, as well as the release of your internal organs through massage or different movements and exercises. Embarking in this journey can get your energy going in every level of your being. Just start slow and it will build up naturally!

Be ready to start embodying energy, power, and confidence that you have never embodied before. This will put you on a journey that entitles you to a more authentic, radiant, and most of all the best version of yourself! 

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    I was told by the doctor in the last blood test I took a few weeks ago that the level of iron was a bit low and the level of enzymes in the liver was a bit high, 50 instead of normal 40.
    Level of testosterone = ok thyroid = ok sugar level= okay yet for the past six months, barely getting my period. Stopped taking the birth control pill Feb 8th, inactive sexually, single, no partner, I am not under weight at all, even have a few extra kilos to shred, I train less than ten hours a week. I barely eat meat, no fried food, no fast food or rarely.
    Do you think this is something I should do? I also train for a 13 km challenge which is taking place in Jersey, UK at the end of Sept. and I am doing a virtual sprint distance triathlon by July 19th. What is your thought? Thank you!

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  8. I love your work, unfortunately I am not able to do the paid trainings at this point in time because I am living in an ashram and I am a living servant, my pay is the grace of God , God bless you irmao e irma 😍 o meu nome antes era Arminda e eu nasci em Portugal 💕

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