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As a kid, I loved cakes, chocolate, and ice cream – I couldn’t get enough of sugar! For my birthday, I even asked for an entire cake just for me! I’m sure a lot of you identify with that story. Even though I was born into a family who deeply cared about healthy and holistic health, and paid great attention to nutrition because of the fragile health of some family members, it didn’t keep me from getting addicted to foods that felt good while I ate them, but left me feeling empty and nauseous. 

Don’t get me wrong…

There’s nothing inherently bad about pizza, platters of cheese or any food that might have been demonised. For me, the issue was that, as I grew older, I started eating these goods more and more, and I felt their impact on my health. Simply put, I didn’t feel great. 


The way I ate impacted me even though I was deeply into sports. As a teenager, I was already obsessed with fitness: I started doing weight lifting and, by the time I was seventeen years old, I weighed two hundred pounds! I learned all the biohacks to lose fat, to get ripped, but it still left me feeling empty and unhealthy. I didn’t get fat because I was exercising all the time, but neither food nor sports could fill the void I increasingly felt I was constantly trying to fill. I was constantly feeling like I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t confident in myself, and I certainly didn’t feel connected to my purpose. 

 The truth is, I was trying to numb myself through food, sports, and many other ways. 


One day, I injured one of my knees really badly while weight lifting. Not being able to exercise in the same compulsive way anymore sent me into a frenzy. But after the dust settled, this change of circumstance humbled me and allowed me to understand that this time I really had to take a hard look at myself. When I did, I realised that what I really wanted was to heal my wounds, engage in a spiritual path that felt true to me, and find what helped me feel fulfilled. 


I studied with teachers from all around the world, from many different traditions – the more I learned, the more I felt connected to my potential and my gifts, and the more obsessed I became with helping other people do the same!


But at the same time… I was disconnected from my body. I only saw it as an instrument to clear off toxins and impurities so that I could connect to my spirituality and achieve the (sometimes unrealistic) goals I was setting for myself. I did feel more fulfilled, but I took everything to an extreme, sometimes fasting up to sixty-five days on nothing but water or smoothies. 


One day, I went home to see my mother and she was really shocked when she first saw me. She told me I was taking things too far, and that I looked pale and way too skinny. She could also feel that I was spaced out, rather than grounded and connected my power. My head was in the clouds – I felt good from meditating and fasting so much, but after talking with her, I could see that I had taken things too far. I wasn’t connecting to the strength and the energy that is naturally available to all of us.


I had a lot of questions

Was it possible to feel powerful in my body and also have a focused mind? Could I burn the fat that accumulated in my body and retain a sense of inner strength? 

 I wanted to find the answers to these questions, and I was more committed to my intention than ever. I knew I could find ways to create balance in my life without abusing myself, engaging in self-sabotage, or procrastinating all the time. I knew I could have it all; I just needed to find the method that would allow me to live that life!

 This time around, everything was based on my newfound loving relationship with myself, with my past, with my body. I started really understanding the cravings that had always plagued me and how I could reprogram them – all with ease, grace and flow. 

 I was done with sacrificing (things or myself). For years I had struggled because I knew exactly what I was supposed to eat and what my goals were, yet I wasn’t reaching them. There was still a part of me that had wanted to keep on repeating the same old patterns, but this time I found a way to engage with it, heal myself, and move forward.  


This was (and still is!) the best time of my life. It was also when I designed my unique, holistic method: I knew I could help people reach their goals. I designed a method that incorporates our relationship to our body and the foods we eat; our emotions and how we deal with them; our mindset, our thoughts and how we can align our mind to actually support us in this process; our energy levels, and how to maximise them; our metabolism and how to make sure it burns fat constantly! 


To good to be true? Try it for yourself so you can decide!

It might seem complicated, but it isn’t. I knew I was on the right path because my body was the healthiest it had ever been. And I wasn’t the only one! The moment I started sharing this with my clients, they started seeing results in such accelerated ways. Even clients who had been dieting for years, who had gone on and off every type of diet imaginable, were able to incorporate this sustainable method in their lifestyles. All without calories or feeling that they had to sacrifice their joy and pleasure for the sake of their physical goals.


Now, before I share with you this unique method, let me answer a few questions you might be wondering about.  


Why does fat matter? 

 Fat molecules hold toxins. If we don’t release these toxins from our systems, the fat molecules will not go away. Quantum biology also teaches us that these fat molecules hold memories (everything in matter holds a vibration). Everything that has happened in the past and hasn’t been dealt with is stored in our fat and the toxins that come with them. 


Can you help me lose stubborn fat? 

 Stubborn fat that is hard to get off the body, but I found a way to target it by mixing physical fitness with qi gong, yoga, kinesiology, energy matrix, breath work, quantum physics, quantum biology, and energy medicine  – all these sciences I have studied for so long put in one method just for you! Now, should we try an activation together? This way you’ll see just how easy it can be!


Specific activation to burn fat around the belly:

With this activation, rhythm and breath are used to biohack your metabolism, and rewire your brain and muscles. Now, try to follow the instructions as closely as you can, but don’t feel like you have to strain or be really uncomfortable. Go at your own pace, enjoy the process and don’t compare it with anything you have done in the past. This approach is very different. Have a good time!


The scientific explanation

 Let’s address one false belief before we start: most of you have probably heard that you have to sweat humongous amounts of sweat or work extremely hard in order to lose fat. This is not true. Many biomolecular studies prove that we burn fat in different ways. The fastest way is through the breath (when it’s done in a certain way, with a certain rhythm) and activating the body in a way that allows it to release fat quickly. 


Biomolecular science and quantum biology (for example in studies by the University of South Wales) go really deep in understanding the numerous processes that happen in our bodies. This is how we know that triglycerides (fat molecules) are composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen – when we engage in certain breathing exercises, they are released through CO2 on the exhale! Science efficiently tells us that burning fat can be easy and fast. 


Everyone can do the following activation – you don’t need to have done yoga or any exercise. 


The activation: a taste of what you can accomplish through the breath 

 Step 1: Elongate your spine. Imagine a string at the top of your head is pulling you up. Relax and let your shoulders go back. Now, put your hands on top of your belly. Inhale through your nose (this calms your nervous system) and exhale through your mouth (this allows you to excrete toxins through your mouth). Inhale as deep as you can. Repeat.


Step 2: Now, bring your navel in towards your spine on the exhale and make sure to still exhale through your mouth. Here, you want to exhale as if you were exhaling through a straw, keeping your mouth really small. When you inhale, let your belly expand – still inhaling through your nose. Contract your belly muscles as you exhale and bring your navel in. Practice this for about ten breaths. Feel how your belly starts to warm up.


Step 3: Inhale as deep as you can and hold the breath in. Whilst you’re holding the breath in, extend your arms up. Extend and stretch – if you still have space, inhale a bit more air through your mouth.


Step 4: Relax the arms down, let the breath down. Relax your body. Your metabolism is already accelerated, fat is already burning. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation. Slowly open your eyes. 


This is such an accessible, easy and gentle start. All you have to remember is to breathe as deep as you can when you inhale, relax when you exhale and let everything go. This activation is just an entry point for you to understand the principles of this type of integrated exercise and start practising it. There are many, many more breaths in my free and paid courses.


They don’t require you to put too much time but still allow you to achieve results in an accelerated time. Every day, you can work on your mindset, your emotions, improve your metabolism, and make sure your physical body is as healthy as it can be! It’s time to begin the best time of your life with ease, grace and Flow! You can check our our courses here:



Life is Bliss…