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These days, stress seems like an inescapable part of modern life… But is it? Countless techniques and influencers promise a quick remedy to this overwhelming problem, without ever touching on the core of the issue: how stress is altering your biology so that it keeps you from being in your natural state of abundance, health and joy. 


The good news is that it is possible to access ease, grace and Flow whenever we want, and implement long-lasting changes that allow us to rewire our nervous system on a deep level. When we commit to biohacking our biology, we are using all of the tools at our disposition to shift from stress to vitality. 


This process must begin with a better understanding of what stress actually is! Now, we all know that stress can be mental, emotional, and in general results from the impression that we are facing adverse circumstances. Basically, we don’t feel like we have a grip on things or that we are doing enough. Stress can also be physical, whether that’s from actually getting hurt or being physically upset by being stuck in yet another traffic jam. 


You may also know that I often talk about being in a natural state of abundance. That’s because it really is your natural state! Stress is not – and it takes you out of that natural state of ease and Flow. It basically turns on your sirens and flashes red lights everywhere! 


However, stress is a perfectly normal response – there’s no shame in it. It is a biological response to threats, and it keeps you alive! When adrenaline and the other stress hormones are released, you are simply much more capable of running away or physically fighting a predator. However, if you are always in that state, your biology will get out of balance and it actually makes the process of coming back to your natural state longer. 


Whatsmore, you simply cannot manifest the life of your dreams from that place. Again, never be ashamed of any emotion or stress you experience. Just know that this is a response that might be stuck in your biology, or you might be used on a neuronal level to respond to challenges through fight, flight or freeze. The point is not to shame ourselves but to understand this biological response so we can transcend our patterns and return to our much more blissful, natural state. 


Here are three things you can to shift from stress to radiant vitality: 

1. Understand how stress impacts your body

When stress takes over, your brain and heart become incoherent. What does that mean? It means that the different parts of the brain and your heart no longer work in unison like they would naturally. That can make you feel disconnected, out of synchronicity and stuck in your mind. 


You have probably noticed, but it is also wearing. While stress is often fine as a response in the short term, it’s important to understand that after stress, the body needs to rest so that it can regain the energy it has just used up. After stress, it’s essential to activate your parasympathetic system – the part of the nervous system that is linked to relaxation. This is one of the many reasons the Quantum Flow Method focuses on the parasympathetic system a lot.


Stress can also wire your brain into more stress. The more we produce a chemical response in our brain and body, the more they get used to it. Even when there is no reason to be stressed, because we have become so used to it, we can start creating reasons to be stressed! This is because we have begun to crave the chemicals we normally produce, like craving sugar on a detox.


Sometimes that addiction can ripple out into your life and your circumstance. When we’re hooked on stress and drama, we can create damaging situations in the 3D reality around us, like staying in a job that is terrible for us. We might find ourselves repeating the same stressful thoughts again and again. But once you know that is the case, it can empower you to commit to the practices that free you from those limitations and allow you to rewire your nervous system back into balance. 

2. Use the Quantum Flow Method and other practices to return to your natural state

Often when we are stressed, we search to escape that state as fast as possible. You might find yourself making decisions in your daily life in reaction because you’re stressed, only to regret them later. The thing is that when we’re stressed, we are not very good at making aligned choices! Our whole biology is focused on keeping us alive. Our brain is not synchronized within itself or with the heart. We are, in sum, ungrounded and out of coherence.

It’s therefore really important to bring ourselves back into a calmer state before seeking to change our external reality. This process starts with inploration, or exploring and dealing with the issue within yourself. The exploration – the quest for solutions, comes after. 

Quantum Flow Activations are specifically designed to rewire your nervous system so that positive thinking, affirmations and intuitive decisions are accessible to your brain, and the biology of your body is set up for positive change and upgraded decision-making.

When you do have an important decision to make, ensure you bring yourself back to a grounded state first. Remember that you always have practices like Quantum Flow, creativity and going out in nature available to you, so you can be super grounded when you need to be. 

3. Take care of your body on all levels

It’s very hard to feel grounded and easeful in a body that is burdened by excess toxins. If you constantly eat food that does not work for your body and makes you feel heavy, you will be more vulnerable to high levels of stress when faced with a challenge. Sometimes this comes back to how electricity, or energy, moves through your body and helps you feel good. We must clear the blockages for that energy to Flow, toxins included 

I know that toxins are heavy. They weigh you down emotionally and mentally. But detoxifying your body and eating high amounts of healthy foods such as fruits, veggies, and greens, can really help you release the emotions that are stuck in your body. This way, when you face a challenge, these emotions that are brewing under the surface do not get triggered and “explode” all at once. 

By detoxifying your body, you not only release stuck emotions and patterns, you also rewire your biology so that your nervous system isn’t stuck anymore. Through detox and Quantum Flow, you can change the chemicals that flow through your body and influence your mental state. 

Your body is an incredible machine, and one of the best tools on the journey to manifesting the life of your dreams. Don’t forget it! It is your vehicle to return to your natural state of total health. Manifestation that is truly quantum and accelerated beyond what we think possible in the 3D realm is always rooted both in the mind and the body.

Remember, no matter what emotions and states you might experience on a day-to-day basis, everything you need is inside of you. You have a message to share with the world; you hold a piece of the puzzle that no one else does.

Experiencing human emotions and learning to adjust your life so that it totally works for you is part of the process. In the Quantum Flow Community, we will never tell you that your humanness makes you unworthy! We are all here on this journey together. 

If you want to learn more about releasing negative patterns, returning to your natural state, and opening to your connection with your soul and purpose, check out our courses at They are designed for you to wake up to your innate power, creativity and vitality so that you can start sharing your gifts with the world, access the highest vibrations available and thrive in all aspects of your life.


Life is Bliss…



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