Accept your connection to the source, because only then you can receive and create more

In this video, Regan and I share some amazing truths around intuition

We are here to share where this training came from


How we decided to share this with the world

Intuition is to go REALLY DEEP within you

To know what’s your next step is intuition

The next step in your life can be to build a business or a relationship

We also discuss,

What are the nine forces or nine processes of soul?

What are the nine manifestations of accepting your connection to the source?

How you can know the source or the universe or universal love

How to say yes for the stream of energy that flows into your life


You are the channel of the energy and you need to accept it

We are here to teach you and,

To let you know you are here to manifest

To let you know you can be yourself

If you choose to be with us it will be a ladder for you

It will be a place of,






A place where you can actually call a result in and receive and create more

First step is to tap into your power of intuition and realizing how powerful you are connected


The second is awakening the nine forces and tapping into that

So that everything can flow into your life with ease and grace


Remember, I love you!