Sharing the inner connection of heart with the heaven earth is always exciting which includes,

The connection with the beautiful nature


The connection with amazing mountains

I share a practice with you guys,

How to connect the land of fire with your own inner fire

How to use this ancestral connection

How to connect to the sky and the heaven

It is important to know,

There is no time and space, no separation


We all are ONE

I share the techniques around,

How to feel it inside your belly and expand it

How to bring energy and inhale all the energy from the motherland to your heart


How to exhale and let it go whatever is not serving you and your inner fire

To relax

To open

To love

To be happy and feel the energy


To feel the bliss

If you want all this you just need to follow the steps and let yourself feel who you are

I have shared how you can do it and feel all the bliss

You can do it wherever you feel connected to nature

It’s all about connection to the motherland, to the heart, to the heaven and to the sky

If you want to feel all this bliss and the inner smile,

Do try to find your connection

It is all about connection


Remember, I love you!