In this video, I share a special prayer to thank the Mother Earth.

I have a beautiful family at Peru, which is such a blessing

I am sharing with you all the moments around how to open the gratitude with,

The Father Sky


The Infinite Universe

Just go out look at the sky and smile

Forget about your personal issues

Forget about your stories

Just open yourselves and surrender to this beautiful loving energy of the universe

Let your inner smile of the heartbeat flourish all the time and learn,

How to inhale all the love from the earth to your heart

How to exhale the sound of the heart


How the earth helps us come into our inner goddess, the earth which has all this abundance, the love and knowledge for us

This beautiful earth that helps…

To be whom we really are

To open my heart and share my love with the world

I am a CHANNEL OF LIGHT for you

Everything I do, everything I say and everything I think is for co-creating love in this planet

This is a prayer to thank the Mother Earth and the Father Sky

Share this LOVE with everyone, wherever you go, whoever you gaze at and everyone you smile at

Hug people

Love people

Be yourself

Be authentic


Be the love that the earth and the infinite universe has for you

I will keep posting the beautiful things I am doing