You Are Here For A Reason. . .

Are you struggling to stay hopeful in times of trouble and chaos? 

It’s no coincidence that you’re reading this right now. The universe brought you here for a reason.

Discover how to tap into the unlimited abundance of peace and confidence, so you can live in complete freedom from any form of low-vibrational energy with the help of the Live Manifestation Ceremony.


Dear powerful soul,

Do you feel panic and anxiety whenever you face a seemingly unsolvable problem?

Are you worried about the uncertainty that comes with not knowing what will happen next?

Is living in a turbulent environment draining your energy and keeping you from vibrating positivity?

Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders whenever you witness injustice?

If you said yes to any one of those questions, know that it’s okay to feel that way

Even we are not invulnerable to such vibrations. That’s why we invite you to continue reading because the activation and tools behind this training kept us motivated and centered during the toughest of times. And we were also able to help thousands of individuals who went through the same emotional roller coaster.

With the codes you will receive. . .

you’ll be able to let go of your emotions without effort and unblock whatever is holding you back from living your best life.

Why We Started

It’s time to shift

We were supposed to be running live ceremonies for thousands of people in the Middle East and the USA during this time. However, due to recent global events, we won’t be able to travel. So instead, we decided to take this valuable training straight to you by running a powerful Live Manifestation Ceremony in an online format.

This highly in-demand training always sells out wherever we are in the world

We even experienced having to refuse entry to 200 people at a Mindvalley event, because our venue was already fully packed with hundreds of individuals who are excited to attend this same ceremony. Now that we’re doing this online, there’s no need to hold back anymore.

The Process

Get ready for a sacred ceremony

Live Manifestation Ceremony is a 2-hour long online training and sacred ceremony focusing on a profound yet straightforward method that allows you to shift your frequency and manifest your ideal reality in the fastest way possible.

It starts with deciphering the fundamental concepts of manifestation and finishes with a ceremonial process that makes use of:

Quantum Flow Activation
Energetic Architecture Rewires
Spaces of Meditation
Spaces of Celebration
Spaces of Transmutation

Together, we will come into a group vortex to create a powerful healing ripple that spreads throughout the planet.

The best part?

You’ll get a recording that you can access anytime and anywhere so you can go through the activations over and over again, or whenever the need arises.

You’ll never have to worry again about getting overwhelmed with doubts or fears, knowing that you hold this powerful tool


Your Contribution Matters

It is scientifically proven that when more than one person gathers to intentionally pray or do deep intentional work together, they are able to amplify the field of energy.

Your contribution matters.

If we want to shift the planet in a positive direction, it will require our collective effort. Now, more than ever, we should focus on utilizing this vortex of group energy, because the only way we can get past this crisis is by going through it together.

What You’ll Learn

Expect to dive deep into topics that will help you
navigate through challenges brought by any crisis:

Turn fear into courage by tapping into divine energy
The true embodiment of inner peace
Keeping your stress levels low
Utilizing your pineal gland to activate your intuition and inner genius
Rewiring your unconscious mind using internal activators
Understanding the science of energetic field alignment
Overcoming the scarcity mindset
Complete physical embodiment activations using breath, movement, and sound
Accelerating the manifestation process so you can effortlessly materialize your needs
Understanding the brain and the nervous system
Rewiring your being at a cellular level to expand into more abundance
Learn visual activators to rewire your brain using new sacred geometry
Manifestation accelerators to hasten the aligned action after leaving the activation

Are You Ready To Rise?

Are you ready to rise out from the chaos and pivot to the direction of your ideal reality?

In times of disorder and chaos, we need more people like you to step up and be the guiding light for others. And so we will be cutting 75% off the price and give this to you for only $22.

Join us in the Live Manifestation Ceremony at a discounted rate by entering the discount code “LIGHT”

Start embracing your inner power and manifesting a safe environment filled with love and bliss today!