Living in the Light

The less we identify ourselves with what seems to be reality, or our present situation, the more we see the bigger picture. Every part of our being aligns with our higher purpose and we start to manifest our gifts more and more, we start to see and feel all the blessings all around us. 

Even if we think we are failing, if we feel lost, if we feel we can’t do it, these are the moments to become more present, these are the moments to go deeper and trust the process…

Always remember that you are working towards your higher purpose.

What’s important is to keep our vibrational frequency high so we can keep attracting and manifesting our true intention rather other than those that we don’t want. 

That is our commitment; that is the spiritual fire of transformation that lights up every day, no matter what the situation seems to be in the outside world. This is a commitment to truth, and let anything that is holding us back, to be burned down. 

In the Ether element (or Light), we are receiving gifts from the inner silence. When there is no control, no sound, the magic literally happens throughout our body.

We have the opportunity to observe what is happening, rather than to get caught up in it. 

You enter a space of silence, it’s nothingness, it’s a gap where you let it and from that space, you can start to create your intention and you can open up to the next level. The more we accept the colors, flavors, and qualities of our inner self, the more we can accept the unique gift that we are. The more we accept the unique gift that we are, the more blissful, and truthful we can live in this world.

There are many ways I like to remember this Infinite Light. I use meditation, silence, deep relaxation, fasting, and sungazing, one of the most powerful practices that I love. This practice has  changed my life and helped me and my brother to heal. I still practice this every day as much as I can. 

Sungazing might sound fancy, but it is simply the art of looking at the sun, or the contemplation of the sun.

The sun, for me, symbolizes Light, a very special kind of food that our body can always take in, and an energy that is free and reaches to everyone.

We have been taught to revere “up there” more than we are taught to treat the Earth with gratitude and respect. In some traditions and religions, going up is associated with Heaven and spiritual ascension, while going down is associated with Hell and punishment. However, both should be revered and explored equally. 

After all, we are in balance when we take in as much energy from the Sun as we do take it from the Earth. The Sun plays the role of the Divine Father, and the Earth of the Divine Mother. When we incarnate both, we become in balance. 

It is not surprising, then, that men have come up with different practices to obtain energy from the sun. Certain tribes practiced sunbathing, or the art of exposing a great amount of their skin to sunlight for several hours and this practice allows them to go on even without eating food, as they can acquire energy directly from the sun. 

Apart from these practices and traditions, it has been scientifically proven that the sun is an essential part of life on Earth.

Agriculture, our health, and plant growth wouldn’t be possible without it (did you know that the sunlight is abundant in vitamin D?). The Sun warms our seas, stirs our atmosphere, generates our weather patterns, and gives energy to the growing green plants that provide food and oxygen for all the creatures that are living on Earth. 

Sunlight is an essential element from which all life originates and is energized. Due to all of these magnificent powers of the sun, it is no wonder that it has inspired all mankind throughout our history.



Life is Bliss…


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  1. Thank you! This was kind of medicine was needed today. I do sungaze but I know I need to medicate more and focus on my desires and dreams.


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