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Call in the Soulful Relationship of Your Dreams
Elevate Your Current Relationship
Through this 6-Week Online Intensive

Love Up has been a long time in the making. For years, people have been asking JuanPa & Regan to teach and share the codes around Divine Union and Soulful Relationships, and now, here it is – Love Up, a brand new divinely-inspired online immersion into the highest frequency of love and soul connection. 

This powerful 6-week online intensive is a journey deep into the core of your being with the intention of activating your own highest love frequency so you can call in the partner that you dream of. If you’re already in a relationship, then this is for you too, because there’s always room for growth and expansion in relationships and now your partner and you can uplevel and evolve together.

Find Clarity on Who Your Soul Match is & Call them In Fast!

Get Clear on What You Desire In Your Current Relationship & Uplevel to That

Embody Divine Union Codes So You & Your Partner Can Grow Together

Tapping into Sexual Alchemy for Manifestation & Healing

This course is for you if:

You are in a relationship OR single and want to cultivate Divine Love

You deeply desire to take your current relationship to the next level

Are single and desire to call in your dream partner for Divine Union

Believe that it is possible to have an amazing, soulful relationship and you are ready to call it in
Desire to go on the deepest, most intimate journey into loving YOU
Want to embody full self-love and mirror that out to the world and your relationships
Would love to work with sexual alchemy for amplifying manifestation and healing
Are ready to elevate into a more conscious relationship with an aligned partner
Seek to grow with your partner and serve as mirrors for each other on your growth journeys

"It was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made

I am consistently inspired, humbled and blown away by what Regan and JuanPa bring to the table. The amount that I have grown in the last 18 months, in all different aspects of life is beyond what I could have imagined. Not one single part of my life has been untouched and I am forever grateful. To say that I am a different human is an understatement. "

-Dr Tamara Hume

What will I learn?

How to maintain the frequency of love in yourself and your relationships 

The art of turning challenges into opportunities 

Using your relationships as a mirror for your own personal development, as well as a tool for conscious co-creation in the world 

Accelerate your manifestation results in every area of your life through your relationship work 

How to first embody what you desire in a partner so you can call in your divine union partner and release any blocks or distortions around love, intimacy, and divine union 

Get to know yourself on the most intimate level and become a magnet for everything you desire 

Tap into inner mastery so you can understand your inner world

Open yourself up to receiving the highest vibration of love available and living form your highest self so you can call in all that you desire 

Get clarity on what type of relationship you are wanting to manifest or elevate your current relationship to 

How to upgrade your current relationship to your dream divine union or attract the person who is a vibrational match for you 

The embodiment and mindset rewiring that supports sustainable and lasting shifts to love frequency as well as rewiring the whole body with this frequency 


Love Up Course

Before JuanPa & Regan ever met one another in-person, they were each doing their own internal work while also using very similar manifestation techniques to call-in each other, unbeknownst to them at the time, of course!

After coming together and quickly connecting so deeply in divine, soulful union they discovered that they had been using very similar techniques focused around attracting a conscious relationship. They also knew very early on that part of their calling together was going to be to help others to activate God and Goddess, Divine Union, and Soulful Love Codes.

Which is where Love Up was born!

During Love Up, you will be getting an inside look at the manifestation techniques JuanPa & Regan used to attract each other, as well as learning how to access the highest frequency of love available, and calibrating to it so you can embody love in all that you do.

Because every being on earth has the potential to embody and receive Divine Love.

Divine Love is a process that starts within you. As you connect more deeply to the infinite vibration of love within and activate the codes in your field, you will radiate love in all that you do. And that means a massive uplevel to your current relationship, or, if you’re single, a huge shift in WHO you are attracting!


Love Up Journey

Romantic Relationships can be one of the most challenging areas of life for so many people no matter who they are and how much success, fame, or money they have. So much of this comes from codes or distortions in your field, which can keep you looping in the same relationship patterns over and over. Relationships can be the source of bliss, pleasure, growth, and love or they can be a source of stress, triggers, pain, and frustration. Through the Love Up journey, you will learn how to use even the triggers or challenges in your relationship as an opportunity for growth and evolution. 

During this 6-week online course, you will be taken on a deep journey to clearing the old codes and distortions and activating your highest love potential through guided activations, practices, coaching, rewiring methods, and sexual manifestation energy. This will help you to shift problems in your relationships to opportunities, consciously use your relationship as a point of growth for your partner and you. When you lock in the perspective that your relationship is a mirror and you commit to doing the inner alchemy, even in the face of things you might have once reacted to, true relationship magic occurs, and you find yourself living in the deepest, most soulful relationship of your life.

WHAT IS A code?

A ‘code’ is a key that unlocks the ability for you to awaken whatever it is you are desiring to manifest. In Love Up we will be focusing on Divine and Soulful Love and Divine Union Codes, which have their own unique activations and processes. These activations and processes will assist you to embody the newly activated codes even faster, allowing you to either infuse your new codes into your current relationship and watch as your partner and you elevate together, or to immediately begin calling in the conscious partner you dream of.


An activation is a process, channeled and guided by JuanPa & Regan, during which you will awaken codes which currently are dormant in your fields. You see, the frequency of Divine Love and the Divine Union Codes are already within you. They just need activating. The real question is, does that resonate at the core of your being? And are you ready to live at the frequency of love in all that you do?

The Process

JuanPa & Regan will start off Love Up by giving you access to the private Facebook Support Group as well as the online membership portal

The first live weekly training will begin during the week of September 30th. All trainings are recorded so if you cannot attend live you can work through the recording. The course is divinely designed to work powerfully either way

In each training, you will be guided through various practices and teachings that will explore specific limiters or blocks, which are distortions in your field that can block your natural state of fully embodying Divine Love and Divine Union codes in your everyday life

Sit back, surrender, and receive the magic! Regan and JuanPa will guide you in the process of everything you need to know

Because so much of what Regan and JuanPa do is consciously channeled work, they will calibrate to the needs of the group and everyone in it and offer the highest possible practices, tools, and codes available in a way that best serves the group. You get to trust the process!

What will I receive?

6 live weekly video trainings with Regan and JuanPa 

VIP access to the Facebook Support + Coaching Group

Lifetime access to the course content
Option to upgrade to the VIP package where you will receive all of this PLUS a private VIP group coaching webinar AND a personal video coaching review from Regan and JuanPa