Manifest the Relationship of your Dreams

The way we attract anything in our lives is through expanding our capacity to receive. 

As we have been wired to what are our limits of receiving, and manifest the relationship that we are truly capable of receiving in the moment. 


If we show that we don’t love ourselves,

We definitely attract somebody that will abuse us and is constantly emitting a negative vibration. I don’t think it’s their fault because it’s a choice that we made through our unconscious mind a very long time ago. 

Imagine you have met someone that you really like, but for some reason you need to be patient for the relationship to unfold. There is someone else who is actively seeking you out and wants to be with you right away, but who you aren’t really interested in. Just because it makes you feel accepted and wanted, you end up dating that person. I would admit that I’ve done this so many times! 

This, in a way, stems from a ‘scarcity-based’ belief

That you don’t deserve somebody who resonates with you at a soul mate level, based on the belief that you are not good enough on your own, and that you need outside validation. 

This belief was reflected in my own life, to a point where I was just done with my past relationships. I was attracting relationships that would always end up in conflict and drama of the vibration I was in. I’ve done tons of work, including affirmations, focusing on what I wanted to call in, and being aware that I, sometimes, was in lower vibrations. But still, I attracted them. 

After a while, I simply let it go…

And focused more on having friends and being free of the drama that my relationships always ended up bringing in my life. 

I committed to going really deep and carrying on with my inner work. Although I came back to clearing this part of my life, my focus had shifted. 

I’m no longer obsessed with a specific relationship,

But more on becoming clear on what kind of energy I wanted in my life. I’m done with the past and what I had attracted before. If this means that I was going to be alone for years, then so be it… I really wanted to be more committed to my soul’s purpose and surrender to the Flow, whatever that means! I become open to seeing new things and exploring new ways of being because of this very commitment. 

Thanks to my newfound alignment and the level of clarity I had about what I meant to do in this world…

I became aware of all the low standards I had for my life. I explored what I thought I deserved as a human being in this life and in every relationship, not only romantic. I had to completely re-evaluate the abundance I thought I deserved for what I had put out in this world, whether it was appreciation or money. I was focused on aligning with the highest vibration possible and finding the best possible version of myself. I started receiving what I deserved according to the vibration that I was putting out in the world.  


Life is Bliss…