Master Fusion Ceremony

Beloved Soul,

Gifts are unlocking left, right and centre! If you’ve been feeling that the next level of your mission, purpose and innate gifts and talents have been coming online this month, then you’re definitely tapped into the universal upgrades that humanity are going through right now!

 The more we allow these parts of ourselves to come online and be embodied, the more we fuse Mastery into our consciousness and our innate state of being…

 Even though we are in this powerful Mastery Fusion process, it doesn’t necessary mean that it is all easy and simple.

 Maybe you have been feeling overwhelmed, with so much shifting and clearing through your reality? Know that this purging process is necessary and required in order to truly anchor in the highest version of you that is looking to come through and be embodied.

The Mastery Fusion Ceremony will help you specifically in fusing the highest parts of yourself into your own consciousness, so that you are able to activate the next level of your personal mastery, in whatever way that looks like for you.


Join Us Familia,


Through grounded, specific intention and activation, this ceremony would allow you to focus on fusing into your being, Spiritual Mastery, Impact Mastery, Relationship Mastery, Abundance Mastery, Heart Mastery and Mission Mastery, amongst other specific mastery codes, that are available for you to work on right now…

During the total lunar eclipse on the 26th of May, the eclipse energy will be divided. And so the ceremony took place on the 30th of May, as we together, allow for our personal identities to be recalibrated and updated, allowing for a deep personal transformation to take place, with ease and grace. (Replay will be available soon)

During the Mastery Fusion Ceremony, we will be helping you tap into the powerful upgrades that are available through this portal, as well as shifting and clearing any shadows and old outdated coding around your lower self that no longer serves you.

Dear One,

As we portal into this Mastery Fusion process together during the ceremony, we will be creating a powerful vortex to ground and stabilise all of these shifts that will be taking place through each of us.

We have been guided to open up the ceremonial vortex across time and space to allow anyone who desires, to participate in this vortex online with us!


Here’s what others say about our ceremonies:

Get Ready to Manifest

You will be guided through Breath Flow, Energetic Architecture, Quantum Flow and many other potent tools in order for you to tap into the personal and planetary updates that are available at this time. Allowing us all to stand in greater service to humanity.


Regan & JuanPa


We have entered an intensely transformative time since December 21.

The Plasma Light is streaming to us, encoded with everything you need to unveil your full potential. Join us in our 3 Day Immersion where we activate your deepest crystalline potential, elevate to your highest frequency and embody your cosmic plasma light!