New Earth Immersion

Planting The Roots of Our Future
10th May – 19th May 2022

As we transition into the New Earth, the time for co-creating conscious communities, sustainable wealth and more meaningful connections with our planet has never been more potent. 

Join world-renowned conscious thought-leaders Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona in this once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in the sacred jungles of Costa Rica, on 555 acres of their own private land, to learn, expand, grow and give back to Mother Gaia in new and profound ways.


New Earth Immersion is an 8-day conscious event, offering you rare and exclusive in-person access into Regan & Juanpa’s jungle sanctuary, which takes you on a journey into New Earth wealth creation, conscious money and abundance, creating sustainable communities and connecting with our planet.

Set on their own private property, as well as at the 5-Star Imiloa Institute, New Earth Immersion is a broad but beautiful event focusing on upgrading and elevating your consciousness, improving the planet and learning critical New Earth skills so you can be a beacon of light to create a real impact in the world.



New Earth Immersion is unlike any event Regan and Juanpa have ever offered their extended community.

Spanning 8 days and 9 nights, New Earth Immersion is centred around the primary intention of helping grid the land and intentionally plant 10,000 trees with 8D technology provided by our main event sponsor – Earth Change and Crystallized Roots Movement.

Every tree that is planted with the Source Seeds, by our tribe of Planting Partners, alters the atmosphere, so by planting over 10,000 trees in Costa Rica, you’re helping to restructure the atmosphere of the entire planet.


In addition to planting the 10,000 trees, you’ll also learn about permaculture, source seeds, breathwork and quantum flow by some of Costa Rica’s most prolific experts, as well as conscious wealth creation, true abundance and so much more.

You’ll also take part in sacred ceremonies, Indigionous rituals, visit local waterfalls and immerse yourself in this sacred land to raise your vibration and inhale all the abundance and wealth this unique event has to offer.

Weaved into the educational schedule and as part of the exchange for being a Planting Partner and helping plant 10,000 trees, is a brand new 2-Day New Earth Immersion Mastermind + 4-Day Planting Partner Workshops and Experience with Regan and Juanpa held at Imiloa Institute, valued at $7997, allowing you to go deeper into your own consciousness and work on every area of your life in order to create sustainable wealth.

New Earth Mastermind centres around:

  • What wealth really is
  • Demystifying wealth and spirituality
  • Conscious money & abundance
  • Creating sustainable communities
  • Connecting with our planet
  • Your role in planting the roots of our future
  • And much more…

The New Earth Immersion is an intentional gathering curated for humans who understand the urgency for greater impact and regeneration. This experience is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people within a community that has a desire to give back to Mother Earth, while also learning highly valuable tools to expand your wealth and consciously create true abundance in your life.

Regan and Juanpa invite you into their inner circle to spend time on their land and feel the vortex they’ve been seeding and creating, so together you can all create something truly sacred.


New Earth Immersion is a volunteer event, so your time and energy of being a Planting Partner and helping to plant 10,000 trees will be exchanged for the 2-Day New Earth Immersion Mastermind + 4-Day Planting Partner Workshops and Experience valued at $7997.

Places are strictly limited, so to secure your spot you will need to provide us with your accommodation and flight details (if coming from overseas) as proof of your commitment.

We have also partnered with our friends at Imiloa Institute, who have a special rate for The New Earth Immersion Planting Partners. You can check out all the options here.

Express Your Interest

We understand the uncertainty at this time, which is why we’re offering a number of ways for you to contribute and get involved with this initiative:

1. Volunteer to come to Costa Rica and help plant 10,000 trees with Source Seeds, receiving the 4-day New Earth Mastermind for FREE.


2. Offer a Love Donation to support this cause. Every little bit helps and your financial exchange is greatly impacting the health of our planet. To find out more about donations, or to become a sponsor, click here.