Not manifesting what you want (even though you’re trying really hard)?

Why can’t you manifest like the amazing influencers you see on social media? Or the entrepreneurs you see at conferences? Or the people around you? Often, people think they can’t manifest the life of their dreams because there must be something wrong with them, when in fact there is just something missing from the manifestation techniques they have learned.

Antidote No. 1

The first antidote to getting poor results when you are manifesting is to stop comparing ourselves to other people. You are here to be unique, to be completely and totally you. The Universe needs you to be completely yourself so that it can manifest the most wonderful, authentic things through you. Humanity and the Earth also need you to be honest and raw, so that we can all move forward into an era where we are all free to be who we are.

You’re storing messages

Often, as children we are told not to show certain emotions, or that certain aspects of ourselves are not okay. If our family and the people around us don’t do that, we get messages through TV, advertising, and media anyway. Unconsciously, we store every one of these messages. 

The thing is, our mind and body are trying to keep us alive. Because we feel threatened, or we believe that others will withdraw their love and care when they do not accept us as we are (making it challenging to survive), we store the messages in our memory. They stop us from making the same “mistakes” that previously threatened our survival. And your mind keeps track of everything that has happened to you. It remembers every time you were belittled, every time you expressed your emotions and others did like it. It does all this because it wants to keep us safe. The ego tries to avoid suffering at all costs.

There is no shame in this. This is a natural survival mechanism. However, these fears shouldn’t run your life. Because if they do, you won’t take any risks, and you’ll stay stuck in your comfort zone forever. That’s no way to live, and that’s not a path that leads to the life of your dreams.

Next, focus on what you want

Also, I don’t want you to design the life of your dreams by thinking about what others do. If going on social media makes you feel bad about yourself, stop following the people that trigger the comparison within you. It’s best for your own sanity and happiness to spend as little of your time as possible doing things that make you feel depressed, not good enough, or like a failure. That just won’t get you closer to success. 

Instead, spend time every day asking yourself what it is you really want. When you begin, that can actually be challenging, especially if we have been denying ourselves pleasure and happiness for a long time. However, if you make time for it every day and stick with it and trust the process, it will become easier over time. When you shift your process from an external perspective to going within, you start focusing on things that will bring much more flow and abundance in your life. You are already starting to shift your reality, even if you don’t realise it.

For much bigger shifts, embody

Now, a big problem with manifestation techniques is that they often aren’t embodied at all. People spend hours in their minds designing strategies, but they never tap into the power of biohacking. Through biohacking, you can actually harness the power of your body, so that your mind, nervous system and your physical and energetic bodies work with you. Your body must be involved in your manifestation process.

You may have already seen this happening in your life. It’s why we so often have breakthroughs when we play the sports we love, or go outside for a walk. Can you make time for some stretching or movement during your day? Can you make sure you go outside for a walk in a park or in a natural space several times a week? This is will help you begin your embodiment journey. However, the best way to really tap into the trapped energy that is stored in your nervous system is the Quantum Flow method. 


Life is Bliss…



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