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It’s so important to establish habits that actually support you and the vision you want to manifest. From the moment you wake up, undertake something that is going to make sure you start your day right, whether that’s meditation, watch the sunrise, or do breathwork. It will allow you to start in the Quantum Flow right from when you wake up. If you wake up with an hyperactive mind, you can start your Quantum Flow practice right away in order to shift it. Or journal so that all the stories that keep looping in your head are dumped on paper rather than trapped in your mind.  It’s different for everyone, but what is for sure is that we all need to commit – from the start of the day – to Optimal Flow. 


You don’t need to always be doing the same thing, but you do need to always find a way of putting yourself in Flow from the moment you wake up. Again, this is about tapping into what feels best for you, and what allows you to cultivate the highest vibration from the get-go. From there you can start your day in Optimal Flow and find ways for you to stay in that high vibrational state all day long.


Getting into the habit of moving your body and entering meditation states is especially important. On a physical level, I always recommend for my clients to drink warm water with lemon juice upon waking up. This will start detoxifying your body right away, and then you can go ahead and make yourself a nourishing breakfast smoothie rather than eat a heavy breakfast (more on this in my 21-Day Detox Program). Regardless of what you do, find a way to check in with yourself first thing in the morning. You should be able to know how you’re doing on that specific day before taking any external action (and turning your phone on!). 


Go within first

This will give you an opportunity to assess your needs, and to make sure you enter Optimal Flow before doing anything else. Personally, I will usually do my meditation and Quantum Flow practice (in the order I feel called to that day), have my warm water with lemon, and then journal – journaling allows me to write down new ideas that came through during my Quantum Flow practice, and to make sure I know who I’m calling this day, or meeting with. 


I also have a to-do list (again, a form of structure) from the day before. These are the things I want to do and need to do in order to reach my vision, to get to the next level. I don’t follow them in order or anything, but once I’m in Optimal Flow, after my practice, I go and check which task feels best to tackle first. Then I keep doing the tasks that feel best. When I feel like I need to do something in order to stay in Optimal Flow, I will go in the garden, do something to move my body, do breathwork, meditate again, etc. You can see this sort of habits will get you into Optimal Flow but will also allow you to focus that energy. Having priorities will keep you in Optimal Flow in every area of your life. 


Designing the best habits that work for you allows you to make sure Optimal Flow becomes your natural state. You are basically so entrenched in your purpose, your passion, and everything that allows you to be in a high vibration that this just becomes your constant state of being. 


Quantum Flow enhancers

We’ve already established how important it is not to rely on external sources to allow yourself to be in a high vibrational state. However, there are things you can do in order to accelerate the pace at which you can attain and maintain high vibrational states. I call these things Quantum Flow enhancers.


Quantum Flow Enhancer #1 – Release all external distractions


If you do your Quantum Flow practice only to go scroll through social media for hours after that… you’re probably not going to reach your goals. I recommend you forget about checking your phone all the time – especially as social media usually prompts us to compare ourselves to others rather than focus on the path we desire for ourselves. If you cultivate your energy through your practice but let that energy dissipate because you are focusing on the outside world, you’re not going to be able to focus on your priorities the way you want to. 


After you have done your Quantum Flow practice, focus on doing something that is important to you. Tackle your to-do list of tasks that will bring you closer to the life of your dreams. Journal so that the breakthroughs you had during your practice aren’t lost. Don’t let yourself get lost in the outside world and instead go deeper within so that you can move towards your own vision. 


Again, which actions you take might look different from everyone else. It might mean that you write a blog, or start a book you always wanted to write. Very often, I actually send recordings of my ideas to my team, because that’s what works best for me. But I don’t even connect to Wi-Fi at the beginning of my day. I want to spend the start of my day focusing on the ideas that want to flow through me. That’s how much I honor and respect myself. I invite you to do the same. Give yourself that space. 


Quantum Flow Enhancer #2 – Transmute Internal Distractions

Just because you’ve turned your phone off doesn’t mean your mind won’t find ways to distract you. We distract ourselves all the time, usually by trying to do a thousand things at the same time rather than focus on our priorities, on what needs our attention at once. Remember that letting thing after thing snatch your attention instead of efficiently focusing on what you really need to do is a form of self-sabotage. 

Sometimes, internal distractions are actually the hardest ones to tackle. We are so used to feeding them that we usually don’t even realise when we start getting lost in these distractions. We just look at the time and hours that have gone by without us realising! 


Stress, overwhelm, any sort of procrastination, self-sabotage – all of these things require you to undertake the Alchemy techniques of Quantum Flow. Don’t try to push through what you are feeling when you are experiencing these emotions or facing these challenges. You will lose your energy. Instead, focusing on realigning yourself with the highest vibration possible – your vibration being what allows you to manifest, you will actually accomplish more by focusing on it! 


Always check in with yourself when you are undertaking a task. Are you tackling it from a space of flow or from a place of control? You’re probably always going to have the best intentions, but you’ll have to go deeper than that and check if you are trying to force things to happen through your rational mind and your ability to control. 


Quantum Flow Enhancer #3 – Set your intentions

We’ve done it already: have an intention. Let’s take an example for someone who wants to focus on their business. You would do your Quantum Flow practice, and focus on your intention, something along the line of “I open to the next level of my business,” “Opening up to more abundance,” “Working on this new project.” 


Go and journal about your intention. When you take actions related to this business or venture (like calling someone who’s related to the project), always keep that intention as your guiding star. Have a goal and an intention so that your energy doesn’t diverge towards other things. This is what doing Quantum Flow all the time (rather than only when you are doing the physical practice) looks like. 


This doesn’t need to be something complicated. You can go and wash dishes with an intention!  Setting intentions will always allow you to be focused and work in the realm of the Quantum field no matter what you are doing. It allows you to be grounded, focused and confident instead of being a leaf in the wind, at the mercy of events and others. 


Quantum Flow Enhancer #4 – Find your flow and peak times

When is your peak time? For me, it’s right in the morning. I wake at 4 am, without an alarm. I love the silence of the early morning. I do all my practices, and by 6 am, I am already talking with my team and responding to my clients. I am fully in flow, taking breaks here and there. I know I work best in the morning and tailor my day accordingly. 


By 8.30 pm I shift to my integration practices to calm my nervous system. I do some grounding and connect with my intention, before spending time with my family. I go to bed really early. For some people, it’s completely the other way around. Their energy kicks in at 10 pm! 


Identify what your peak time is. You need to design your day in a way that works for you. Don’t force it – you might be an early bird, or not. You don’t have to be one way or another, just observe what works for you and use your time accordingly. 


Quantum Flow Enhancer #5 – Constantly challenge yourself

If you push yourself too hard, eventually you’ll be unmotivated to continue with this (or any) process. But if you don’t challenge yourself enough, you won’t get into Optimal Flow. 


Even in your physical practice, you need to not indulge yourself when your mind tells you to stop. This will help you reach deep flow states. But if you push too hard, you will be drained. Learn to push your limits just enough. 


It’s the same when you meditate, and observe your thoughts. Don’t indulge yourself when you want to move, or to itch! Commit to being in full presence. This really applies to anything you do. When you try too hard, you’re out of Flow. When you don’t challenge yourself, you’re not going to get into Flow. 


Remember that the sweet spot where you’re challenging yourself just enough might vary from one day to another. Again, you need to be in tune with yourself in order to determine what is best for you. 


Quantum Flow Enhancer #6 – Detox

This is the best way of letting go physically of what is holding you back: heavy metals, toxins, acidity… This can be done through consuming raw juices, raw smoothies, alkaline foods, etc. Feed yourself the best foods possible! 


If I take too much coffee, for example, I’m going to be disconnected. I’m not going to be in flow. If I take just a little bit, with some cacao and superfoods (with a recipe I love making) it totally gets me in the space of manifestation.


Hydrate yourself constantly – your brain is 70% water! 


Commit to taking care of yourself on a physical level so that you can be the best version of yourself at all times. That is one of the most important Quantum Flow enhancers.


Quantum Flow Enhancer #7 – Your passions

What excites you? These are the things you want to do no matter if you can generate an income through them or not! 


Is it art? Music? Playing an instrument? Dancing? This isn’t about what you consider yourself good at; rather what you really enjoy doing. Maybe it’s writing, being outdoors, or going on walks. These are the things that you get really passionate about and feed your inner fire. 


Do more of these things – they will help you get into flow states. For example, I love dancing. So when I do my Quantum Flow practice, I’ll sometimes add dance elements to it. Or I’ll keep going after my practice is done and put some amazing music on and just let go during the dance completely. The truth is I could dance for hours, but even after 5 or 10 minutes, I can feel that I’m in a Flow state. 


After you’re done with your Quantum Flow practice, what is the next most aligned step for you? If you don’t know where to start, think about the things that inspire you, and/or that you loved as a kid. 

Let the energy keep on flowing so that you change your whole lifestyle rather than just make yourself feel good when you are doing the Quantum Flow practice and letting that energy dissipate after. Whatever your rituals are, find the ones that get you into Optimal Flow. 


Everything in your life determines whether you are in Optimal Flow or not: how you breathe, how you move, your emotions, your thoughts, what you eat, who you are when nobody’s watching, and so much more. How you do the little things is how you do everything. That’s why the Quantum Flow enhancers are so important and so powerful.


Use them to start living in higher levels of consciousness instead of feeding the lower vibrations that you have been used to in the past. For more information about Quantum Flow and our courses, check out https://quantumflow.com/.  




Life is Bliss…