Our body is the Temple of Our Soul

To manifest our full potential, detoxing our bodies and eating nourishing foods is extremely important. The best nourishment that we can give to our body is through large quantities of water, and raw and organic foods. Our capacity to manifest depends on the vibration we are emanating out from our bodies.

The foods we eat are like fuel for our mind, body, and soul – much like the fuel we put into a car.

If you put dirty fuel into the most amazing and powerful car, the car will not only be unable to run at its maximum potential but with time, its capacity to achieve its full power will slowly decline – and its performance will diminish until it finally breaks down. 

The same thing happens within our bodies: the cleaner and healthier we are, the more in touch we become with our intuition, the more we can feel the higher vibrations of gratitude and bliss, and the easier and faster it becomes for us to manifest.

It isn’t about becoming obsessed with your diet or making it about sacrifice, even at the slightest. 

Moreso, it’s about becoming more aware of foods and recipes that we can add into our diet.. foods that begin detoxing and clearing our cells, allowing us to be in our best shape and the highest level of natural energy possible. 

I want you to see that by using a simple and easy method, you can begin to naturally eat better and take really great care of your body. 

When you create healthy habits around what you feed your body, you begin to crave quality food in the most natural way, without the need to force or impose any type of judgment-based diet.

When it comes to clearing the body and eating in a way that supports your full potential, the method I use has worked for me and all of my clients. I have had an obsession with food and health for as long as I can remember, and what I have found is the best and fastest method to detox and burn fat that I know of.

 The two main pillars I base my approach off of are: 

  • Eating more “Greens” – pertains to the color of a vegetable or fruit – can help us connect with the energies around us, notably the Earth. It contains chlorophyll and is extremely similar to our blood and therefore helps to purify it.

  • Eat as much as raw and organic foods as you can – they have higher energetic values than processed food items. Local foods are also a great option since they give your body information on what is going on in your direct environment.

If you simply begin implementing what I’ve just shared with you by increasing greens and being sure to find the cleanest, local and organic foods, you will begin to create a massive shift in your vibration. 

You don’t have to go crazy and remove everything “bad” or “unhealthy” from your diet right now. This is about sustainable shifts that will propel you forward into a place where you want to eat the best foods for your body.  

It is important to remember that we don’t detoxify just to create a beautiful body..

We detoxify because when we have the healthiest of bodies, we are finally able to resonate with the vibration that we are truly meant to experience and resonate with. The beauty is just an added benefit! 

When we detox our bodies, we are releasing whatever it is that is holding us back from being our true and authentic selves. 

The majority of diseases we see today come from unhealthy habits around food, so believe in yourself when it comes to revolutionizing this area of your life! The more connected you are to your body, the more conscious and connected you will be in all areas of your life. 


Life is Bliss…



  1. I totally agree with the concept of “ taking care” of our bodies in order to enrich our souls and connect to be ourselves more and more.. i’ll add to that small advice “ listen to your body, focous on medsages that sends to you from inside, bodyqches, backpain, stomach burn, headaches, all of this is messages tells you “ please take good care of me”..
    We need to be more concious of what we fed our bodies , that affect our souls and prevent this harmoney with the whole universe🕊

  2. I love the vitality, spirituality and strength that you transmit! I would love to have you as a guest on an Instagram Live

  3. Love &Light 💖 a beautiful moment to Live💖
    Thank You for all you share with the world💖

  4. Outstanding

  5. These simple steps are easy to implement. Soon your body will start “talking” and reject low vibrational food. If you don’t take care of your body where will you live in the future?!

  6. I believe that we are what we eat. However, In July I did my first liver cleanse and during the run up to the cleanse I consumed a few smoothies that I made. Each one made me feel nauseous and three times on separate days I was physically sick, I felt nausea and digestive discomfort for at least the following four weeks and even now just thinking of smoothies brings on a reaction in me. I think my digestive system went into shock.
    Whilst I am very interested in diet and your recommendations I will in future have to be circumspect.
    Thank you.