Powerful 8 day quantum training



embody your greatness

Learn the science to transform every layer of your being

Quantum Flow goes beyond a practice. It is a whole movement that brings people together in love, community and accelerated evolution.

JuanPa is giving an incredible opportunity to individuals who have attended his Wild Leadership Training or Quantum Healing Certification or individuals who have previous knowledge of Quantum Flow, to hugely enhance your practice and client offering by training to become a Quantum Flow Practitioner.

The 8 day training in Bali incorporates JuanPa’s 20 years if experience using principles of Yoga, Qi Gong, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Tantra, Emotional Release, Kinesiology, Quantum Physics, NLP, Neuroscience, Quantum Mechanics, Toltec and Mayan philosophies, Sound Healing, Energy Mattrix, muscle bio-sculpting, deep core work, meditation, ecstatic dance and many other shamanic methods and techniques he has incorporated in his life and his teachings!

The transformative training works on every layer of our being, activating the core, ripping the muscles, focusing the mind, resetting the nervous system, balancing the emotions, detoxifying the internal organs, harmonizing the chakras, clearing the energy channels, expanding the bio-magnetic field and activating the dormant DNA!

It’s a truly revolutionary approach that demystifies spirituality by using science as a platform and aligning healing arts, music, dance, self expression, shamanism and mindset to enhance and expand the experience!

It is a blissful journey of alchemy, deep inner work, sweat and celebration, creating the perfect environment and tribe for us to feel safe in our own authenticity, leadership and creativity! 

If you are ready to embody your greatness to higher levels and learn the science of art of sharing this method with the world in your own unique and authentic way…

Then this is the practice for you…

In this Training you will learn the basic principles of Quantum Flow:

The 7 stages of manifestation
Clear and precise alignment for optimal energy flow
Muscle activation and its relationship to mindset, emotions, energy and light body
Meridian Flow
Chakra Spiral
Body Biosculpting
Core Principles and Reconnection
Alchemy Burn – Fastest fat burn in the planet
Quantum stretch – most profound stretching system to enhance full flexibility and release of stuck emotions and energies in the muscle tissues
Inner Power/Strength Cultivation
Integrity as a quantum flow practitioner in every area of life
DMT breath work
Quantum Flow meditations
Light body expansion
Brain wave coherence
Reuniting Core, Heart and Mind in wholeness
Embodying the Principles. of quantum physics, neuroscience and neuroplasticity
Rewiring the body, the mind and spirit with the Suproconscious mind
Cultivating the principles of quantum flow in a class: wisdom, authenticity, presence, confidence, playfullness, intuition, love, compassion, motivation, drive, creativity, radiance, flow.
Quantum Flow Lifestyle – Embody the movement – Be the change you want to see in the world
Quantum Flow Buisness – Art and science of sharing this method to create abundance and impact millions

Super beautiful!

The Quantum Flow method is a straightforward process but it provides a very useful framework for anytime you want to go deeper in whatever you’re feeling, into your purpose or identity or even just everyday life. There’s science, spirituality and methodology behind it but it’s not rigid. You can weave into different kinds of movements and really tapping into that thing you really want to look at. And so quickly…. just release.. then expand .. and flow from there.. Super beautiful! “

Jason Canniff | Quantum Flow Certification

It’s So Powerful!

Everything is frequency and vibration. Understanding how that works and making it work for you is a way to create anything that you want for humanity. It’s ultimate power to create within. As you do that you realize the external part of your reality just starts shifting. Quantum Flow method is so powerful for those of us who just want to see a beautiful healthy planet and humanity peaceful together. It doesn’t have to be hard and live in abundance for everyone. It’s an actual system. It’s so cool! ”

Brooke Foote | Quantum Flow Certification

It’s really takes you to the next level

Life changing, amazing and a beautiful method of taking anything that’s holding you back in any area of your life. Taking any emotions from unprocessed things, experiences or triggers and using them as fuel to arrive in your purpose and to really take in to your next level in every single area of your life. ”

Tammy Jane Mckenzie | Quantum Flow Certification

embody your greatness

embody your message in every area of your life

The whole idea of this title is beyond the paper, it is a symbol of complete embodiment of this method so you can incorporate it in your speeches, workshops and activities around the world. It is about embodying the Quantum Leader/Shaman/Healer that you are in much deeper ways. It is about owning your full Power and gifts in every way and finding your own unique ways to share your leadership with the world.

We will be working deeply on our own process, so the moment you enroll you will be receiving certain tasks and programs to start exploring and embodying different facets of the quantum flow…Your training will begin 2 months before with short videos that will guide you to start stretching and empowering your body as you have never done before…It is important to measure your body fat, weight, and flexibility before coming because you will upgrade everything by 200% if you are fully committed to embody the method…

This course is currently invite only however, if you are interested in joining future Quantum Flow Certification courses, then please message the team to register your interest and get notified of the next availble dates.