Quantum Healing Certification Online

Level Up Your Life AND Your Client’s Lives,
with Rapid, Meaningful, Quantum Healing

Accelerate Your Personal and Spiritual Evolution

For Profound, Accelerated Results From Healing that Truly Transforms, So You Live Your True Purpose And Experience Authenticity, Abundance And Joy!

Hi, it’s JuanPa!

Imagine if you could heal every aspect of yourself that needs healing.

Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…

What would your life look like?

Many people struggle with old habits and unhelpful patterns dominating their behavior.

These habits and patterns are so deeply embedded, you barely even realize that they’re there!

But somehow, you know those unseen, unhealed parts of yourself are holding you back from living the amazing, limitless life you truly deserve…

You sense it when you’re not living your fullest life.

You just know!

And you know you need to discard the old ways, but it’s so hard to do it when you’re still shackled by those limiting beliefs and negative inner voices…

Does this resonate for you?

If so, let me be honest: I know just how you feel … and it doesn’t have to be this way…

Now you can truly heal – faster and more fully than you ever imagined possible!

Perhaps you’re wondering
if you’re truly ready to heal?

Let me solve that mystery: I know you are. Because you’re here.

You have the drive to create meaningful transformation in your own life, and the lives of others…

And now, all the tools you need to manifest this are right here, laid out ready for you!

Achieve MACRO Results In MICRO Timing… Accelerate Your Evolution With Immediate, Impactful Results.

You’ll learn the tools and modalities that Regan and I use with our private, 1-on-1 clients (who invest upwards of $1 million to dollars a year to work us!), that help them achieve the most amazing transformations. And fast.

During this revolutionary 16-week program, you will:


Discover all kinds of amazingly effective tools for transformational healing and release – and experience these for yourself.

Recieve hours worth of incredible training videos with JuanPa and Regan to facilitate multi-dimensional learning.

Experience for yourself the effortless manifestation that is intrinsically possible once you’ve tapped into your Quantum Healing powers.

And if you’re just keen on undergoing this magical process for your own personal growth? No problem! You can simply skip certification, while benefiting to the deepest layers of your being from this powerful program.

Manifest Abundance And Heal
What Holds You Back

For Deep, Powerful, Quantum Transformation!

Here’s what we cover:


Activate The Intuitive Healer Within

 Learn 12 Dimensional Advanced Healing

 Macro Healing In Micro Timing

 Dissolve False Templates

 Upgrade Your Health Right Now

Embody Divine Beauty

 Discover Longevity Coded Embodiment

 Learn How To Use 12 Strand DNA Embodiment

 Delve Into the New Chakra System and Pineal Gland Crystal Activation

Experience and Learn Quantum Inner Child Healing
Reset The Soul Blueprint

 Gain Galactic Rewire Tools & Plugins

 Extra: 5D Business Template for Success

 And… Full Integration, To Make Sure You Embody Quantum Healing On a Cellular Level


Plus, totally free of charge, attend the 3-day live certification event where you become a Certified Quantum Healing Practitioner!

Join the team in a (always beautiful) worldwide location for your certification. This career-transforming experience is included in the Quantum Healing program.

Don’t miss out on one of the limited places, apply now!

“I feel so much relief and joy

My youngest 8 year old girl was blocked with math. There was no way she would even try to solve anything. In fact, she was an extreme premature baby (born on w/23 of gestation) and this is why her learning process is different, she has her own time to get things done.
But my main concern was her own self-esteem. She was getting more frustrated as time went by even though she had full support of her teachers and ourselves.
So I decided “to plant” a rejuvenation and Regeneration Crystal in her brain and her pineal Gland. And just after 1.5 weeks her approach to math and learning changed dramatically. She is solving her homework with ease and fun.
I feel so much relief and joy that I can actually make a deep difference on her that I wanna share with my familia.

-Nora Valencia

Let me ask a personal question,

what’s holding you back from feeling truly fulfilled in your life?

Do you know you are capable of magic, but sometimes struggle to manifest exactly what you desire?

Maybe you’ve tried regular therapy to heal, but find the process slow-going and demotivating…

Trust me, I understand. Together Regan and I have spent around 35 years learning, experiencing and growing from all kinds of traditions and modalities.

There’s a lot out there – it can even seem overwhelming. Which is exactly why we decided to distil everything we’ve learned into one powerful program of healing and transformation.

Get Phenomenal Results Fast With Quantum Healing…

Rejuvenate and Regenerate

Feel the Divine Power within

Go deep into your Purpose and your Instinctual Power

Reset at a Soul Level

Next level Insight and Awareness

Infinite Possibilities

Surrender and Upgrade

Release Archaic Energy and Heal

Enter the Realm where Miracles Unfold

Picture this for a minute,

Picture for a minute how incredible it will feel to heal the areas of your life that have been holding you back… and then be able to give this exact healing and FREEDOM to your clients!

If you are anything like the rest of my clients, you have known for a long time that you were put on this earth to help other people.

There are little things in your life that make you feel more alive, more full of purpose, more fulfilled than genuinely helping someone else change their lives.

Becoming a certified Quantum Healing Practitioner will bring you the tools you have been looking for in order to truly uplevel your life AND your clients lives.

It may just be the most impactful step you EVER take in your business. Consider that for a minute.

That’s because the tools of Quantum Healing facilitate major shifts and epic transformation, in an instant.

It’s all about accelerating your evolution.

Let’s face it, life is short – who has time for drawn-out, slow-pace growth and evolution?

If you’re looking for fast, effective and life-changing results, trust me, this is exactly where you are meant to be right now…

Applying to be a part of our Quantum Healing Certification Online program is the first, most important step you’ll take towards profound, accelerated and immediate transformation.

Ready for amazing results?

You know you are!

You Know There Is Something More

Discover The Endless Possibilities That Rapid, Transformative Healing Brings You

Quantum Healing means eliminating the issues that block your abundance and joy.

We’re serious – there are so many benefits:


Embrace financial abundance

Deal with long term and short term health issues

Stop feeling stagnant

Solve your lack of clients

Release patterns or habits that are on repeat 

Let go of limiting beliefs

Heal traumas

Increase your energy

Clear your chakras for increased flow

Tap into the full manifestation of your purpose

Use light language to heal

Clear your meridians

Feel effortlessly in the zone, connected, and confident at all times

Discover trust in your deepest intuition

“It sure works way beyond the mind

last night a friend of mine was pretty distressed and I felt called to put him into the Galactic Healing Chamber. There was no time for a complete session. The only issue was that he only speaks Spanish and that part of the QH felt a bit rough to translate for me. So I told him to just listen even though his mind wouldn’t get it, his Soul would. I grounded him and then just activated the Galactic family with all their beautiful offerings. I spoke light language also and he completely calmed down and had a wonderful night’s sleep! And this was all done via phone – AMAZING.. I’m so thrilled about what we learned, it sure works way beyond the mind!!

-Stephanie E Charlotte Koehler

The possibilities are limitless…

I know how challenging it can be to relinquish old, unconscious patterns and beliefs.

They feel so ingrained, and after years of operating from them, really letting go can seem overwhelming…

That’s why Quantum Healing is so powerful. It doesn’t take years – it can literally happen within seconds.

We see it all the time – and honestly, every time we feel honored and blessed to be able to share these powerful tools. And with your certification, you’ll be able to share them too!

Take a moment to imagine what it will feel like and look like, to be healed from all the obstacles that have been holding you back from living the biggest vision you have for your life.

You are together, calm, compassionate

You sparkle

You’re no longer a slave to the voices in your head

You are free from antiquated, limiting beliefs you’ve held on to for far too long

You are empowered, confident, full of trust and the purest intuitive wisdom

Your energy is magnetic!

Are you ready for profound, accelerated transformation?

Curious what the 16-week online program looks like?

Here’s a sneak peek…

We start by going deep with Activating the Healer Within… Remembering that you are an Intuitive healer – and this healer is within you. This is about playing with the field of endless possibilities and getting out of the way so you can allow that healer to come through.
This week we are breaking down the Quantum Healing Structure before we dive into Macro healing in Micro timing. Learn an array of different hacks to truly accelerate the process of healing.
This week we will be delving into a key tool: Dissolving False Healing Templates!
Once you fully understand this false light template and you’re able to recognize them, you’ll be able to clear these from your own field as well as help others do the same.
Learn by doing! You get to experience this powerful method to embody it first for yourself and then to guide somebody else. This method is exclusively for use in a one on one setting and not for groups – you’ll quickly see why.
This is a big, powerful training where we engage with Rejuvenation and Regeneration Templates and Divine Beauty Embodiment. We will also be working specifically with crystals to unlock extra powerful healing.
This week you are going to learn this amazing modality that helps increase your lifespan and reverse the aging process..
In this training, we access the basics of genetics. The 12-Strand DNA will be your new normal, and another key modality to stow in your toolkit.
A valuable reset week to make sure you’re 100% up to speed before we proceed with the second half of the course.
Back into it this week with the Installation and Activation of the New Chakra System and Pineal Gland Crystal Template Activation. This training is fun and soooo potent!
This is a special week, because we are delving into the Quantum Child Healing. This is a very deep process, and a cornerstone of the Quantum Healing program. The Healing replaces a lot of tools many people have spent years using, trying to heal the Inner Child without luck. We want you to experience this Healing first, then we teach you the underlying theory and step-by-step process.
This is such an important aspect of the training, both for yourself and for those of your clients who are looking to completely reset at a soul level and go deeper into their purpose.
What happens here is next level, and we want you to be open to infinite possibilities! The key is SURRENDER. In this training we’re getting galactic. The terms may be new to you now, but don’t worry, you will soon be totally familiar with their meaning and method!
In this training, we are diving deep into the 12th Dimensional Advanced Healing Tools.
You get to play with energy and become the master of the field. Learn to see it and feel it and start remembering what you are capable of. These teachings will specifically allow you to integrate much faster.
This week it is about you receiving and being upgraded. It’s a deep and complex activation to ensure Quantum Healing manifestes fully into your life, into your business, into your purpose, and into your clients at a deeper level.
This week is all about recapping the coursework and integrating it into your future.
Trust us, it’s not going to work unless we really integrate Quantum Healing into your lifestyle and every cell of your being.
So we will dive into what we’ve covered each week, remember, re-live and integrate.
Week 16: The Quantum Healing Assessments
It’s an interactive and exciting final week: Now is the time to do the quantum sessions with each other and get ready for assessment!

What will I receive?

16 weeks worth of deep, transformative training videos by Regan & JuanPa delivered via the app
Coursework and challenges to help you fully embody and absorb the Quantum Healing wisdom
Lifetime access to the course for whenever you desire rapid quantum healing

FREE attendance to the 3 day live certification 

We know deep in our souls…

that after taking the Quantum Healing program, you will embrace with confidence the endless opportunities for abundance that will open to you.

You know on a soul level that you are ready to Quantum Heal and change your life…

The blocks to your success, to manifesting your divine authenticity and power, are about to be removed.

Watch years of habits and patterns evaporate, as you apply the techniques and modalities we have carefully honed to form part of your Quantum Healing experience.

Perhaps those habits and patterns – the same ones that have caused you doubt, indecision, paralysis, regret, poor decisions and pain – are trying to talk you out of applying right now!

I mean, we get it – those habits don’t want to go. They’re comfortable exactly where they are.

Luckily, your Quantum Healing can start right here and now.

Just by applying, you’re creating a shift that will start ripples of positive transformation through your life.