In order to receive more abundance in your life and business, you need to open yourself

In this video, I share learnings from the amazing coach Regan Hillyer

We are coaching and mentoring around what’s abundance

I also share, her points about alignment with what we are doing

Today Regan is going to share lot of things around,

How she felt the disconnection of her body from her mind

How she realized that she was not meant to be an architecture

How sure we are that we don’t want to do this but we don’t know what we should do than

How she took an amazing journey to be here at this point in life

How she came into personal development coaching, mentoring and digging deep

How she came up with this idea of impacting people and changing the world

How she started investing in different kinds of businesses and the result was not what she expected to

And that moment when she stepped into purpose knowing how she can impact millions and help them
change their lives

How she gets into her first coaching business and realized that it’s a lot of time taking and she needs to
find a different way

How she gets into the promise to stay aligned to her purpose

Regan shares her commitments to abundance and she allows abundance to flow through her instead of
creating abundance

So you need to open yourself and stop worrying about strategies

You always need to think,

Who you are

Who you need to become to live this vision

Only than you can see yourself growing and learning


Remember, I love you!