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Right now, so many of us are waking up. Our inner truth is calling, and so many people feel a new level of freedom pulling them towards it. You might have noticed it – this inner knowing  that there is more – something more than where we are at right now.


As I engaged in the different spiritual, healing and health techniques that I practiced and taught over the years, I definitely had that same yearning inside of me. I was searching for something more than the life society told me I should want to live. I didn’t even know what I was looking for. Sometimes my ego interpreted this deep yearning as wanting to live in a super healthy body, or live with the love of my life, or be cool and famous. All of those things aren’t bad in themselves, of course, but in the end, I discovered that what I yearned for was much more than that.


Searching for that new level

The more I tapped into what it was that I was sensing under the surface, the more it became clear to me that I was looking for my Soul, my essence, who I really was. But my ego was still looking for something outside of myself. As if it was something I had to achieve to make myself happy. We are taught that we will be happy when we do X, or acquire Y, or become Z. I had to learn along the way that nothing outside of me could answer the calling of my heart and Soul. 


I had to connect with every part of myself and fully commit to who I really was at the core. This is something we all need to do if we want to find that next level of meaning, happiness and freedom, especially as the energies surrounding the Earth become more and more intense. The world around us might seem chaotic, but we are born to be centered and grounded within ourselves, no matter what is going on around us. 



It was time to go much, much deeper! 

After some time, I realised I needed to transform all these patterns and all the confusion that was coming from my ego. At first, even though I did the work for a few months, and fully committed to the practice I was doing at the time, my patterns would end up coming back after some time. I would release one layer of what was holding me back (I was very impatient at the time), but then it would come back even stronger. Because of that, it was very easy to get discouraged. My ego wanted it all now. If that’s you, don’t panic! I’ve definitely been there and have designed all of my programs with deep, efficient alchemy in mind so that these kinds of bumps in the road don’t become a problem.


When we repeat years and years of repeated behaviours – like I did by going all-in only to give up later on – these behaviours become part of our personality. This is because we basically fire up the same connections between our neurons again and again. And those connections become stronger, almost set in stone. Those defined pathways in our brains then impact our body and of course how we make decisions and act. We repeat these same patterns, firing the same pathways in our brain. 


This is why alchemy is so important: we need to rewire ourselves on a deep, deep level. Just doing affirmations and reading personal development books isn’t going to cut it, especially not when some behaviours are so deeply ingrained in us.


After some time, I started getting on to the fact that, even though my ego wanted to resolve things in a matter of months, I had to go on a deeper journey. The deeper the pattern, the deeper the healing journey. It’s not about getting rid of certain parts of yourself. It’s about journeying deep within, so that you can transform stuck energy into raw power. From that place, you release into deeper layers of freedom. You’re not holding on to the image of a perfect process, a perfect transformation, but you’re staying curious, simply letting go of what is holding you back so that it can become fuel for your true self.


A journey of curiosity 

This is a constant journey of releasing more and more layers of what isn’t aligned with your highest truth, what doesn’t work for you anymore. You don’t have to beat yourself up or feel resentment: all these patterns helped you survive at some point. It’s just that you are ready to let them go now, to become much freer than you have been until now. It’s really important to learn to commit to the work you need to do. But that doesn’t mean only doing it when you feel like it’s going well. 


I see this happening during my Quantum Flow courses all the time: people have such an amazing time while they are practicing, but they need also to commit to continue when deeper layers of patterns and trauma come up.


That means it’s working!

If you are using a method that is truly efficient, it will bring up some difficult aspects of yourself for you to face. This is because you are ready to heal these aspects, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because these challenges are coming up you’re not doing things right. 


On the contrary, you need to go deeper into alchemy, deeper into your journey of transformation. Dedication and perseverance are key. If you keep going, you are giving yourself the chance to encounter much deeper states of bliss and start thriving on a whole new level. It’s like a relationship: at the beginning there is a honeymoon, but then things get real when you start seeing the person’s triggers and reactions. It’s the same with a new method or practice, we often fall completely in love but when the going gets tough, we give up. This is how our ego keeps us from thriving and changing.


Know that every time you touch a wound within yourself, you are healing a deeper layer of it, and you are coming closer to completely unlocking it. If you don’t commit to the full process, it will still be stuck in your body and your nervous system. This might be a longer process than you anticipated but it is so freeing when you finally understand it. You start seeing that your healing journey is like a spiral: you just keep getting closer and closer to the core with each loop. Your core is your free self, your true essence. 


Remember that society around us rushes us, tells us that everything should happen with just a click! But that’s not how healing works: it’s about learning again and again to be authentic and real. 

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