JuanPa channels his 20 years of experience helping people find and embrace their inner leadership and soul purpose into every one of his courses and events. Are you ready to embrace your transformation?

live workshops

This 4-day immersion will take you into the heart and guts of men’s transformational presence and embodiment work

Be guided on a deep dive to ignite your core soul truth and increase your capacity to receive so you can manifest in all areas of your life

A transformative 9 day program held at the SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain, to completely reset your system from the inside out

A 9 day retreat that will give you all the tools you need to awaken and magnify your leadership

An powerful 9 day immersion in Peru that empowers you to tap into your natural powers to manifest abundance

Learn the fastest ways to embody your gifts and how to share them in the most efficient ways with the world in this 5 day training

An incredible 4 day retreat to increase your capacity to receive, so you can manifest what you desire in all areas of your life!

A high level event with JuanPa and Regan that will take your business to the next level using cutting edge galactic tools 

digital products

Call in the soulful relationship of your dreams or elevate your current relationship through this 6-Week online intensive

Are you ready to burn fat and activate your divine body potential? Activate your ideal body weight and image, holistic health, and awaken your inner power.

Weekly transformational trainings including life enhancing philosophy and practical tools…for less than $2 a day!

An 8 week online intensive with 8 live online group coaching sessions and aprivate VIP coaching and support group.

Over $1,997.00 worth of online, intensive training for only $150.00 with⁣ 100% of the funds going towards educating children.

Regan and JuanPa guide you through each code in this 52 day online course to activate abundance in all areas of your life.

An online training for those committed to go deep into their purpose and release whatever is holding them back.

A 21 day online program to help you release the toxins and blockages from your core, your internal organs and your mindset.

physical products

The Abundance Codes Book

The revolutionary book that harnesses ancient wisdom in the form of codes to activate unlimited abundance.

The AC Visual Activator Cards

The 52 card deck allows you to be guided by the codes and also use the visual activators throughout the day!

The Abundance Codes Journal

Your personal Abundance Codes journal for you to go deep whilst activating all of the codes!

The Abundance Codes Elixirs

9 unique flower essence elixirs crafted to assist you in activating the vibrational frequencies of each of the codes.

The Abundance Codes Activated Jewelry

Activated orgonite pendants designed to assist you in fully embodying the frequencies of the Abundance Codes through your body. Click the button below to be notified when they become available!

free resources

JuanPa & Regan guide you in this powerful, FREE webinar, on how to tap into your highest love frequency

JuanPa’s FREE personal favourite method for clearing blockages in every level of your being and resetting your whole system!

This is the challenge where you’ll learn how to never again let limits block your potential, so you can reach your peak!