Talking about conscious living and alignment always give me pleasure

I am at Nicaragua talking about the bliss

It’s an amazing yoga center here, where I talk about conscious living retreat

To feel the space and feel the connection

To learn how can we get connected?

What can we do to the emotions in our life?

Why we are NOT the master of our emotions, rather we are a feather on the wind being carried by our


We often realize we are not the master of our temple, and that is wrong

People think I live a blissful life and it is easier for me to do this, but it was not easy for me

I had a tough life too

I suffered with depression

I suffered a lot of guilt

I suffered a lot of sadness


A lot of wounds


Because I didn’t know what to do with all these emotions

I am sharing my personal life so you can see it wasn’t an easy path for me

But I have been navigating for long with all features and different methods

And that’s what helped me a lot

To transform

To be whom I am right now


To be in my natural state


I am proposing to you as well

We know everything inside ourselves, and we often need to remind ourselves that

How it’s so BEAUTIFUL to remind ourselves that we are the master of the INNER TEMPLE

Learn, how we can work to transform to the alchemy of these emotions

Always keep in mind,

Emotion is energy and it can be both positive and negative energy

People fake their emotion and I am here to teach you how to master your emotion

I am also going to teach you,

How this Chinese medicine help

How can you learn to let go

How to be the master of emotions

How massage help you and what are the way you do it

I want to share what have helped me doing all this and I want to teach you the methods


Remember, I Love You!