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So, is manifestation all about the energy we emanate and radiate all around us? Yes! However, that energy can only come from within. There is no separation between this “outer” and “inner” energy.

The manifestation and Quantum Flow process are both about our inner world. So much self-help and personal development content solely focuses on what you can produce in the 3D world. 

Unfortunately, a lot of that content pushes you to do more, produce more, yearn for more, when happiness actually comes from our inner world. When you actually know how to be fulfilled, your outside reality loses its grip on you: you become free. 

It is so easy for us to slip into focusing on the external world, and worry about the energy we are putting out there. We need to stop comparing ourselves with others! Much of what you see on social media or in the media in general, no matter how impressive, comes from a place of feeling empty or dissatisfied. 

You don’t need to have the perfect life on Instagram to be unbelievably happy and satisfied: you need to learn to act and think from your Soul, from your higher self. From that place, you can manifest everything you need and desire effortlessly, with ease and grace and Flow. Start this process as an inploration: an exploration of your own inner world. Tapping into abundance is done on the inside!

Let’s be real

When we put a front up, trying to pretend that everything in our life is fine, a sense of emptiness inevitably comes up, a feeling that something is missing. When we are connected to our true self, to our Soul, challenges around us don’t phase us as much. We know that we are connected to our divine gifts and to sharing them with the world. That’s fulfillment. That’s real happiness. 


If you are still living with the feeling that there’s a gap that needs to be filled inside you, you can get lost in the material world really quickly. There is always something we want to buy, some place we want to get to… We are never satisfied, and we forget about the things that really matter, and the person we could be.


You can’t fill that gap with material stuff, no matter how much you try. I work with millionaires, and many of them also have this same problem. All the money in the world can’t fill that emptiness. Nothing will ever be enough to fill it except coming back to who we really are. Deep satisfaction does not come through the material world, but what we do with our presence in it. 


Of course, that doesn’t mean that I am against material things or that I don’t like engaging with the material world. On the contrary, it’s important to deeply appreciate the beauty and abundance of the world around us. But that’s why I teach manifesting from within, from a place of groundedness and love, rather than from a place of lack and loneliness. From within, we can attract everything we desire, all the abundance that was meant for us. After all, the Universe wants us to be abundant.


GET grounded ASAP! 

Stage one in this process is to ground, to get raw and real. You need to clearly assess where you are at right now. Do you wake up and feel abundant? Do you think based on a lack or abundance mindset? Do you act from a place of abundance or from a place of scarcity? 


You can go deeper into this process by also asking questions like: if I felt abundant right now, how would I act and think? How would I be walking and talking if I felt totally safe and abundant? How would I breathe? How would I dress? How would I interact with people? Would I laugh more? Hug people? Lay down some boundaries? In sum, how would you live if you were completely tuned into abundance? 

It is scary to go deep? 

Getting raw and real can be scary because once we have done that, we are faced with the inner work we must undertake in order to change. That’s Stage 2 of the Quantum Flow process: Alchemy, where we release what is holding us back. Releasing doesn’t mean just letting go of certain memories or even habits. Pushing away things that are unpleasant won’t cut it. By trying to pretend things aren’t there, we actually make them stronger. We really release trauma and limiting beliefs by going into the core of their origins. We go beyond the tip of the iceberg and dive deep into our inner waters. 


Every pattern that is present in your life has an origin, a core wound associated with it. Every thought is created because there is something inside of you that you are not dealing with. The thought in question is actually just letting you know that there is something inside that needs to be cleared! And if you don’t clear your nervous system, then that thought is always going to pop up in your mind. That is why even if we do a lot of affirmations and positive thinking, we might face the same challenges: we need to do a deep clearing of the nervous system, which in turn rewires our unconscious mind on a deep level. That’s real, long-lasting change.


And that’s what is so unique about Quantum Flow. Through the Quantum Flow Method we can all learn to align our body and emotions, our body and our mind, along with our energy and our spiritual self. Every aspect of ourselves becomes aligned, so they stop fighting each other. There is such deep abundance and expansive freedom to be found in embodiment, and only working on mindset cannot allow you to access the deepest levels of transformation. By being completely integrated, we become whole, and we attract unparalleled levels of abundance.


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