The Science and Art of Manifestation

How Can We Put Everything Together and Embody Who We Are? 

It’s time to rise! Open up for your full potential. No more holding back, though there are so many philosophies and theories out there, the real question is how can we put everything together so that we can really embody who we are? It’s like pieces of a puzzle to be exact. Even myself, I experienced some downfall in my life, and through all these struggles and trials, I started seeing the power of manifestation. 

Well, it’s a long journey. I consider it a huge awakening and there’s always MORE…  

This manifestation has changed something in me. This is how I wanna live my life. This is the best version of me. Sometimes, we will get lost in the path because of ego, but that’s okay because we’re only human beings. However, we can learn and start reconnecting again with our intuition. And I found my purpose, and that is to help other people. Everything I can do to help humanity… but at the end of the day,  I always felt there’s something MORE… 

To give you a quick summary of this powerful method – Quantum Flow, I want you to continue reading and FOCUS… feel its awakening potential and optimal state of flow.

The first one is to get grounded. So how are you right now? How are your thoughts? Are they low vibrational thoughts or high vibrational thoughts? I actually don’t believe in negative thoughts. I prefer to say that if you have low vibrational thoughts, this means you have something to work on yourself. So when you clear that, those thoughts will be gone and that you’re grounding it at the cellular level. 

The next part is Alchemy: this is to get clear on what is holding you back. These are usually your fears, doubts, any low vibrations, emotions, anxiety, procrastination, self-doubts, “ I don’t feel good enough…”, “I don’t deserve it..”. All these come up when you start manifesting because it’s the lower part of yourself…So this means that every trigger that you feel is all coming from your past. Everything that you have lived in your past is in your system. Release that memory and transmute it in order for us to be free, in order for us not to be stuck in our body that has been “marked” by the past. 

Let’s go to the third one which is the CORE. This is actually your POWER… the power from within. If I may ask you: “What’s your passion?” “ Do you love to dance?”, “Or do you love sports?”, “What do you love to do?” These are actually your inborn abilities, skills, and talent that needs to rediscover. All of these will remain useless if you have never done anything to connect with it. You need to start listening to what the inner voice within you was saying, what the inner child in you wants to say? We have to do the work of listening again and trusting that voice. That passion will take you to your inner purpose, believe me. Shift your whole mindset, activate your core, and start to reconnect with yourself. 

The fourth one is radiance, so how to cultivate it? You have to multiply those elevated emotions. Elevate the energy outside of us and emanate it. Go deep and get all those emotions. You are radiating this energy and people will see it through your eyes, skin, hair and it goes all out from your body. You may also expand yourself to feel better and that is the way you are manifesting the life of your dreams. 

Flow number five is when you ENTER the zone, and this is called synchronicity. Did you know that there are parts of our brain that are dormant for so many years because of what we drink, what we eat, and what we breathe? So how can we release those toxins that are affecting our system and open up for full potential? There are actually ways to open our intuition, through the awakening of dormant parts of our brain. It’s an expansion of the work that you’re doing inside of you, that’s synchronicity. Enter the flow state, then integrate and be grateful for it and that is the sixth part which is called INTEGRATION. It’s like you are digesting it and taking it deeper. Breathing in every cell of your body. 

Lastly, knowing who I am. This is our essence, the connection within ourselves. Always remember who you are and embody it. Live each moment with more focus, confidence, presence, and awareness.

Alright, familia if this excites you, I would love to know as I want you to experience the flow of UNBLOCKED universal energy that comes from within.

With so much love! 

Life is Bliss…



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