Transformational Leadership Workshops


Do you want to create a culture in your business that inspires success? Sick of relying on rewards and incentives for productivity? Or, even worse, are you tired of punishing employees that are struggling or not meeting expectations?


Why micromanage? After all, your employees are adults. They certainly can be productive and creative in the right circumstances. 


But, let’s face it: being a good leader isn’t always easy. There is a lot of learning and trial and error. Your workplace has a lot of different personalities and sometimes it seems…well, challenging.


What if you had the opportunity to learn a leadership style with proven results? One where your employees are compelled to do their best for your business without all the extra punishments and rewards?   


But how? 


A change in your company’s culture starts with you. Transformational leadership may be the boost your business needs. Instead of being that boss that is feared or not respected, you can be a source of inspiration and support your employees need to thrive. 


What is Transformational Leadership?


Transformational leadership is a leadership style where you encourage and inspire your employees by setting a strong example at the executive level. Relaying your passion, vision, and enthusiasm creates a culture where employees want to use their personal strengths and creativity to benefit your company. Not out of fear or need for rewards, but because they “buy-in” to the company’s culture.


What does a transformational leader look like?


A transformational leader has several qualities that benefit the employees and company including:

  • A clear vision and goals for the company
  • Ethical leadership acting with fairness and integrity
  • Encouraging and supportive to all employees
  • Fostering creativity and decision-making of employees
  • Encouraging others to explore new ways to learn and do things
  • Keeping an open line of communication for idea sharing
  • Giving recognition for each employees’ contributions
  • Ability to get employees to look past their own self-interest


Sounds like a pretty tall order? Yes, it can be difficult to change your leadership style. Especially if you have been doing things a certain way for so long.


But a little help can go a long way. 


Leadership Training: Transformational Workshops and Private Mentoring


Some people–but not many–are born leaders. Others spend years, even decades, learning leadership–often making some pretty big mistakes along the way. This learning process, unfortunately, can put a business in jeopardy with a few poorly-timed mistakes.


Many leaders know they need a little extra help excelling in their roles. Transformational leadership workshops provide an excellent opportunity to learn valuable skills without the trial and error that can jeopardize your business. Workshops also provide an excellent networking opportunity where you can meet like-minded individuals focused on making their company the best it can be.  


Workshops may not be for everyone. Some of the most successful leaders have turned to private mentors to learn the skills and tricks to help their businesses and employees thrive. A mentor can look at the unique needs of your business and where your leadership skills can be further developed. Together you build a leadership style employees will respect and positively respond to.


Whatever method you choose, the investment of leadership training can pay off big time for your business. Less turnover, higher productivity, and a clear focus on your company’s goals can mean significant success for your business. 


Sure, you can read a couple of books on leadership or maybe take an online course. The cookie-cutter approach may provide some valuable information. It won’t, however, allow you to deeply connect with your personal needs and aspirations for your business. 


Why not try going out of your comfort zone? Experience a life-changing opportunity that will empower you to live your best life and take your business to the next level?


Juan Pablo wants to see you live your best life personally and professionally. Some of his workshops include:


Wild Leadership Training

Did you know your limiting beliefs and thought patterns may actually be holding you back from being a successful leader? They may be stifling your creativity, intuition, and full potential. 


Juan Pablo Barahona can help you transform your life, business, and leadership skills. He is a transformational leader, speaker, mentor, and coach. His Wild Leadership Training uses mindset, life-enhancing philosophy, mind biohacking, transformational breathwork, and more to help you step into your power personally and as a leader.


The Wild Leadership Training, held in beautiful Costa Rica, is an opportunity to use science and other methods to help awaken your full potential. For a blissful nine days, you have the opportunity to explore several practices making you more attuned to yourself and those around you. As a result: you learn what it takes to be a great leader.


Need more incentive? Wild leadership training also helps you discover the 7 leadership portals most leaders don’t even know about. 


Of course, if you can’t make this retreat, Juan Pablo offers other transformational talks & workshops for self-discovery and improvement. 


Here are a couple of others that can help you transform your life and leadership skills:


Soul Remembrance Retreat

Life is busy. It’s filled with distractions. Sadly, with everything going on around us, we fail to access the bounty of resources available by tapping into our souls. 


But how can this help?


Tapping into your soul helps to find your higher purpose every day. As a result, you boost your personal power and intuition. You also break down mental and energetic blocks helping you think and act more clearly. Also, you learn how to manifest what you want using proven techniques. 


If you ever thought you needed change, but weren’t sure how the soul remembrance retreat may be the answer. 


Transform Your Life from Within

It’s no secret we feel better and more confident when we look our best. While this may not be the only answer to improving your leadership skills, it may be a huge first step towards self-improvement.


Juan Pablo’s Burn Shred Rise is a new approach to optimum health and wellness positively affecting all layers of your being. Using techniques like breathwork, neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and holistic nutrition you begin a powerful journey of self-transformation. 


After all, feeling and looking our best helps us create a “new normal” where it’s easier to take on the challenges of life and business. If you’re looking for more energy, better health, and a natural weight, Burn Shred Rise can be the workshop that activates your best life ever. 


Ready to Go Deeper to Become a Better Leader?


Transformational leadership starts with a better understanding of yourself. Juan Pablo can help you discover your authentic self and grow in ways you never even imagined.


Consider taking one of these life-changing workshops or allowing Juan Pablo Barahona to be a  personal mentor.