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Okay, so we know that in order to align ourselves with abundance, we need to raise our vibration, right…? 

Do we need a special method and a strong leader to guide us towards that amazing abundance we’re seeking?

Here’s the truth

Everything you need and desire is already encoded within you. Too often, on the spiritual or personal development path, we think that a specific teacher or guru is the key to awakening our best self, but this is not the case.

Our authentic journey is about awakening our inner genius, our inner leader. We all need to show up, more than ever, as our most authentic self. That opens the doorway to living our purpose, sharing our gifts and manifesting more than ever.

Yet that cannot happen if we are not clear on the fact that healing is an inner game. This is why I work to design simple methods and modalities that can help people awaken really fast and get to really high levels of consciousness. I design them with the knowledge that healing and abundance is about coming back to our natural state, connecting to the beauty and abundance that already lives inside of us.

Growing into abundance begins at square one

The process encapsulated in Quantum Flow always starts with Grounding. If we just jump in without an awareness of where we’re currently at, and what our patterns, circumstances, and challenges are, we never get to fully embrace our many opportunities and the endless list of possibilities for us. 

Often, when we hear that everything we need is already alive within us, our rational mind comes in and says something along “if that were true, then I’d already have everything I want.” That’s not how it works!

Everything you desire is being pulled towards you by your desires, but many aspects of you, which you need in order to receive these blessings, might still be dormant. Using the Quantum Flow process is like doing spring cleaning so that you can make more space for what you want to attract into your life. This starts with Grounding, where you make an inventory of what’s happening in your life. You can journal about this. When you do, make sure to evaluate all the aspects of your life: relationships, purpose, passions, health, energy, and anything else that is relevant.

Inviting abundance through alchemy

The second step of Quantum Flow is Alchemy. When you desire something, that desire may have appeared because the matching outcome is meant for you. Others don’t necessarily come from desire: they could come from envy – and if you really consider what you could have instead from the realm of infinite possibilities, you might choose something completely different!

Through Alchemy, which increases emotional awareness exponentially, you can start to discern the desires that come from your Soul and your Highest Self, from those that come from your ego.

With this awareness, you might discover that you do indeed desire what your friend or an influencer out there has… and emotions might come up. 

There is no need to feel any shame or guilt about such feelings. They are just indications that witnessing someone else’s reality triggers something in you. 

Through Alchemy, we can learn to be observers of feelings such as jealousy, envy or resentment. They are just signs that we need to continue with our healing; there is a wound that needs addressing. These feelings let us know that there are still aspects of abundance, happiness and freedom we have yet to tap into. Those signs tell us that there is something we need to learn to manifest unapologetically, a new version of ourselves we need to show up as. 

From that place of release and freedom, we become more connected to the healing process. Our inner master has already started to awaken, and we are ready to connect even deeper with the core of who we are. This is why the third step of Quantum Flow is Incorement. This step is all about connecting to your inner truth.

How to deepen your abundance transformation

Much like the other steps of Quantum Flow, Incorement involves the body so we have the utmost impact on the nervous system and can biohack our own reality. Too often, practices surrounding abundance only involve the conscious mind, which is only 5% of the brain. You can’t fight all of your unconscious beliefs and learned patterns (which are stored in the remaining 95%), with just the conscious mind. 

Through Incorement, you can start learning to connect to your truth: to not say yes when you mean no, and vice versa. Through Alchemy, you have learned to observe how you feel and through Incorement, you can learn not to be embarrassed by any aspects of you, even if they have been labeled as bad or not spiritual enough in the past. Incorement is about learning to love this human life we are living, loving our humanness. We don’t need to feel bad about our personality: our personality is just our personal reality at a certain moment. It’s always changing, always growing. We just need to look within and help that growth along. 

Getting magnetic to what you desire

From this place of deep connection, we become magnetic. In the next step, Radiancy, we keep on going inward and radiate what we actually desire to create in our life. We listen to our hearts no matter the circumstances, being totally unlimited by our current reality. We become a magnet for everything we desire. We not only have charisma, but also a frequency and vibration that is so high people around us can feel it. We are literally sending a signal to the Universe that communicates the fact we are ready to receive more abundance. 

From Radiancy, we enter Flow – not only Flow states, but the capacity to live in Flow all the time. This is like switching from swimming against the current of life to going with it, opening up to new levels of ease and grace. The experiences, connections and resources you need come your way as you follow your intuition. You are no longer beating yourself up for what you have or haven’t done: you are following what feels authentic to you and nurturing the best parts of yourself. Your inner genius and your capacity to receive abundance is nurtured by every decision you make, no matter how big or small. 

While all the steps are absolutely essential to the Quantum Flow method, it’s worth noting integration often gets disregarded the most. Integration is just as important as activation. Giving yourself space to integrate what you have received, to take a step back and journey within, is absolutely essential. This is actually crucial for you to open up to new levels of ease and abundance as you keep on journeying on your unique path. 

When you give yourself space to integrate, connecting to your Divine Truth (the last step), becomes second nature. Having gone through the Quantum Flow process, you have made space for such a powerful rewiring process that you are now connected to something much bigger than you. You are tapped in. 

Turn on the source of abundance

The world around us is 99.99% energy – an atom is made of a core and of electrons, but they constitute only 0.001% of that atom. Since we are made of atoms, we are mostly energy. When we tap into modalities that can truly help us grow and connect to the flow of energy all around us in a way that is both connected to our human reality and our infinite potential, there are no levels of abundance we can’t reach. The abundance that is part of our natural state, that was dormant in us, awakens. The light was always there, but we turn it on. 

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