What is Flow state?













Sometimes we think we are in Flow state, but we are not.

Sometimes we are in Flow state, but we can’t feel it!

What is Flow state?

And does it matter if you can feel it?

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of Flow 

When you are Flow state, you enter into the universe’s pulsation. You are in the full synchronicity of life. You are being guided, and your channel is open to whatever needs to be manifested through you.

But what many people don’t realize is that sometimes, they are in a Flow state even though they don’t feel very different. And at other times, they aren’t in Flow even though they think they might be. 

What is Flow and can you feel it?  

This is what the whole Quantum Flow process is about. This state is where all the gold lies, and where you can access the plane of infinite possibilities. The material plane that we all experience and see around us is very different from the unified field of possibilities, where the normal rules of physics apply. 

When you are in Flow state, you can feel the richness of your dreams and upgrade your whole world. Flow state is being in the Zone. It is a success state, where you can focus for hours and reach states of peak performance without even trying. 

When you get into Flow state, you are grounded, you have alchemized the old energies that were blocking up your channel, you have made your field coherent and optimised the connection between your brain and your heart. You are radiating the best of yourself, and you are aligned with what you want to attract in your life.

Flow happens inside of us first, and then we bring it out into our lives and start to inspire others with what we have become. We have the energy to make the world a better place on a physical level, tapped into our purpose.  

Getting out of stress

For many members of the community since 2021 [which you can join here!], one of the main benefits they say they get from the practice is stress relief. Quantum Flow helps you to get grounded, which may calm your nerves and centre you. With commitment, it can transform your life.

Upgrading your life

Learning to get into Flow state can effortlessly help you tap into deeper states of meditation very quickly and push your transformation journey to the next level. It is very versatile, so no matter whether you want to open up to more abundance, better leadership, a new business or expand your current business, or beat your personal best in your favorite sport, Quantum Flow can help you open up to more and more. With this methodology, you can expand in whatever area you want. The Flow state also helps you tap into the next level of your purpose, so you can live a more meaningful life, enjoy the gifts you were blessed with and actually do the things you always dreamed of doing and most like to do.

Taking your practice or workouts to the next level

A lof of our community loves yoga, or meditates, does breathwork, or practices a healing modality. Getting into the Flow state can be used alongside other methodologies and can even help you get more benefits from them. We embrace everything that works for you that is positive, and getting into Flow state can help you take those practices to the next level.

How can I tell when I’m not in Flow?

Sometimes you might feel okay or feel inspired but not be in Flow. As you begin to get into Flow state more and more through your practice, you will be able to distinguish between the larger and more subtle differences in vibration happening inside you. 

But here are some of the more obvious signs that you are not in Flow state:

  • You feel stressed and tense
  • You feel worried or anxious
  • You don’t have much energy
  • You’re feeling stuck in your life
  • Things don’t inspire you that much
  • Motivation comes and goes
  • Your workouts aren’t getting you the same results
  • You’re pretending to be someone you’re not

We don’t want to get stuck in lower energy states for long. It’s uncomfortable. In fact, getting out of them is often a huge relief. But most importantly, it’s not who we really are! We are divine beings and Flow is our natural state. Staying in those states can make it harder to move out of them and feel good again.

How to get into Flow state and stay there 

Once people experience Flow state, it feels so good that they want to know how to stay there for longer. I could see that happening inside myself very quickly as I developed this methodology! And I was happy that I could provide a step-by-step formula to get you into Flow state quickly by combining all the most effective practices I had learned myself over more than two decades. 

Staying in Flow state is really not difficult either if you practice daily. The key is to go there again and again until it becomes your favourite habit! Once you do that, you can get back into Flow faster and more easily every time and you won’t fall back into lower vibration states as much, or as deeply. Simply put, the more you practice being in Flow state the more you will master it! And as you surrender and open to Flow state and feel it, the more you will enjoy it and see the transformation happening inside you. Pura Vida!

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