What is Quantum Flow and how does it work?


Many people wonder what Quantum Flow is before they have tried it. Then they try it and the rest is history. However, I know that when you are talking about Quantum Flow with someone who hasn’t tried it and trying to explain what it is, your mind might go blank. That’s normal! Quantum Flow is not complicated, but it is unique.


First let me give you some simple ways of expressing this:


  1. Quantum Flow is a lifestyle and a powerful tool for manifestation.
  2. Quantum Flow is a methodology that brings together breathwork, movement and the most effective solutions from many healing modalities, including hypnotherapy and Tantra. It is based on the most advanced scientific theory, such as neuroscience, neuroplasticity and quantum physics.
  3. Quantum Flow came out of over 25 years of study of ancestral practices and scientific study, and it is a simple daily breathwork and movement practice that gets you into a flow state in a very short time.
  4. (Or you could just focus on its benefits!) Quantum Flow is a quick way to get the benefits of meditation, affirmations, hypnotherapy and many other healing and manifestation modalities.
  5. Quantum Flow is a methodology that can help you manifest your ideal life, and anyone can practice it without any previous experience in spiritual practices, or in fact, anything!

What Quantum Flow is not?

Over the time I have been teaching and practicing Quantum Flow to groups, I have become aware of common questions people have about Quantum Flow. So it is sometimes important to communicate what Quantum Flow is not.


Quantum Flow is not exercise or a workout (or a martial art!)

When you see photos of people doing Quantum Flow, it can appear like a martial art or a strenuous exercise programme. The truth is, it could help you burn fat, biohack your body and your whole nervous system, and improve your fitness… But it is not a workout, and you don’t need to be at all fit to do it.


Quantum Flow is not meditation

Many people can feel intimidated or worried about their ability to meditate. Sometimes it can put people’s mind at ease when you explain that Quantum Flow can put you into a meditative state effortlessly without meditation or trying to stop thinking. Quantum Flow is not meditation, but you may open up to meditation a lot more because your practice can put your brain into a meditative state, and it helps you experience the bliss that meditation can bring. It’s sooo good!!


Quantum Flow is not yoga

Lots of people who like Quantum Flow also practice yoga, but this methodology brings together many different ancestral practices. I was obsessed for decades with Tantra, shamanism, meditation, NLP, hypnotherapy, Qigong and yoga. I incorporated the most effective elements of all of them into the Quantum Flow method because they are so powerful. Yet this technology is not yoga. 


What are the benefits?

Here is a list of benefits that you could also use, depending on the situation and the needs of the person or audience in front of you.


Quantum Flow may help you:

✔️ Tap into your intuition

✔️ Discover your life purpose 

✔️ Meditate effortlessly

✔️ Get motivated & stay focused 

✔️ Melt away tension & stress 

✔️ Sleep better

✔️ Detox at a cellular level

✔️ Optimise your hormones  

✔️ Concentrate for longer

✔️ Increase creativity

✔️ Feel more connected

✔️ Clear old patterns

✔️ Wake up your inner genius

✔️ Release past trauma

✔️ Boost energy levels  

✔️ Feel truly healthy  

✔️ Balance your metabolism 


That’s a long list, so pull out a few as examples. Tap into the person in front of you, and feel into which benefits might help them most in the moment. 


Remember, talking about Quantum Flow is awesome – I love to do it! But there is nothing like experiencing Quantum Flow. So if you are a qualified practitioner or teacher, I find the best answer to the question involves guiding the person through a quick grounding exercise and a bit of breathwork.


For more information about Quantum Flow and our courses, check out https://quantumflow.com/.



Life is Bliss…



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