What It Means to Have a Clear Sense of Purpose

When things don’t go as planned, having a clear vision can guide you to proceed with your next steps. Those moments when things went unpredictable – a job, a relationship, or even your health – are the events when having a clear sense of purpose can help navigate those stages in your life that feels a lot less clear.

What is my purpose?

A question that many of us are having a hard time giving an answer. 

You have to understand that life is not about success or failure. 

It is going beyond limits and on the way, you’ll get to know more about yourself. 

Follow your interests and passion in life. Learn to TRUST yourself. 

Success comes from within.

It is a state and  then it materializes into achievements 

and results as a manifestation of this internal State.

Take decisions and be committed to it. Take actions and do it with FULL ENERGY of your being. 

Be fully responsible for your life. 

The way you are living right now is the consequence of the actions and decisions that you have taken in the past. 

Learn to identify the limiting beliefs that pull you down. 

Identify the habits that limit your impact and expansion. 

Changing these unwanted habits will take time, and be patient enough because, through repetition and commitment, new HABITS will be formed.

Fire up Your Purpose

We all have this fire in our core, even if we feel disconnected, have no will of any kind. 

We all have it. It’s within us, even until the moment we die. 

It is the same fire or energy that makes you wake up in the morning, breath, move, walk, think, and even feel, it is the fire of life that lies within in a very subtle way. 

You can choose to develop a clear understanding of what is the most meaningful to you and start igniting the fire of your purpose, the fire of passion, the energy that motivates and drives you beyond the unimaginable and start trusting in yourself again.

Aligning your actions and behaviors in the world is a skill of being in tune with the body, mind, and heart. It’s equally important to ignite your core and awaken your purpose so you can visualize your gifts and celebrate them with gratitude. 

Getting clear about your purpose gives you the energy to move intensely in the body and release whatever is holding you back. 

Through all these, you create new behaviors and break free from old habits to create new pathways. 

It’s an evolving process, a beautiful and yet sometimes, a painful one.

Everything is about “what you give” to the world and not “what you get”

Make kindness a daily practice. 

We are here to SERVE,

And serving always has a PURPOSE. 

The purpose of life is to EXPERIENCE bliss and joy!

It is a process, and one must dedicate time and energy in the quest of the TRUE purpose in life while enjoying this blissful journey. 

Allow yourself to become limitless…. be patient,

and on the path, you’ll find it.

If you have a purpose in which you can believe, there’s no end to the number of things you can accomplish. It’s important to ask “What I truly want?” and “what I am meant to be and do?”

When we get clear on what it is that we desire in alignment with our Purpose, we can start opening up to the possibility of creating abundance, financial, and so much more!

If these principles become very clear in your mind, you will be guided by your intuition. 

The PURPOSE of today is TODAY. 

Be grateful and follow your curiosity. 



Life is Bliss…


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