Why you haven’t manifested the life of your dreams yet




Have you ever wondered why you’re here? I talk a lot about purpose. However, what most people don’t understand is that their purpose is more than just an idea, it’s a scientifically provable part of a higher plan…

When I say you are a part of the divine plan, I really mean it. Whether you call it “divine intelligence” “God,” “the Universe,” or something else that feels right to you, you are connected to the rest of our world in deep and enduring ways. You are one piece of the puzzle of the infinite plan of life. And science proves it…

You are a reflection of nature

You are truly a drop in the ocean of the universe. You see, just like the biophotonic energy that comes to earth from the Sun and other Stars, there is biophotonic energy flowing through your nervous system, The neurons in our nervous system use this pure light, this biophotonic energy, to communicate as it flows between your synapses. So not only are you a drop in the ocean of the universe, you are a living, breathing, vibrating part of the Quantum Field!

Now that you know that your nervous system is processing the same type of energy as the one that literally allows life to exist on our planet, it’s logical to believe that you are also filled with divine intelligence and that you have infinite potential. You can surrender to that heartbeat, that unified pulsation, that common energy that’s always there. Let yourself go with the Flow. The universe is flowing already! Are you flowing with the universe, or trying to manifest your own way?

What’s more, once you accept that you aren’t separate from the rest of the universe, you can see how important it is to rewire your nervous system. Sometimes we’re so focused on one objective, problem, or goal that you forget about the bigger picture anymore. It is so important to know you can tap into your highest truth right now.

 Start with where you are

 The first step to rewiring your nervous system and release blocks that are holding you back is to get raw and real with yourself. Remember: you can’t hide from yourself. Only you know how you are feeling inside. Are you living your best life from your core? Do you feel the expansiveness of your heart? Do you wake up with inspiration and drive? And go to sleep full of gratitude?  

Or are you steeped in limiting beliefs: that you’re going to fail, you can’t do it, or that you will do it later… 

Changes in your life all happen through your commitment: how much energy and love you are investing in yourself, the money and food you are getting for yourself, etc. Everything counts! We live in a machine (the body), a computer that has been codified for many years from the past, from our memories. We carry these memories and trauma like a burden on our back. If we don’t rewire that, positive thinking won’t cut it! You need to rewire from the core and do alchemy work for your inner genius in order to shine bright. 

It’s important to acknowledge there is work to do, and at the same time that your full potential already exists in you. Once you keep rewiring your nervous system, you step into the potential of who you really are. Everything that your life is right is just a result of what you have done in the past. Responsibility is the ability to respond to a life situation. Start living from that space of “I commit, I’m giving a 100% of myself.” 

Make a change now!

You can reconnect your neurocircuitry to embody the greatness you are here to embody. The time is NOW. Scientists have been able to measure that because of Sun glares and other phenomena, our nervous system will be receiving more biophotonic energy than ever. There’s a lot going on on planet Earth, and if you don’t start rewiring it’s going to be hard to deal with it being elevated to higher and higher frequencies.

Right now, your uniqueness is more needed than ever. As the world goes through a great time of transformation, humanity needs to awaken, and that starts with each and every one of us, including you. Commit to work and release all your triggers, otherwise, you will carry them with you and the energy of these powerful times. 

December 2020, in particular, will be a time when we are exposed to more biophotonic energy from the stars and the Sun. This is not a time to be afraid. This is not the apocalypse, but an amazing time of transformation we must take as an opportunity to upgrade in every way.

During this phase of our evolution, everything will be accentuated, whether that’s our unhealthy commitment to holding on to our triggers and our blind spots, or our surrender to releasing the past and letting energy flow through us more than ever. If we choose the latter, the most amazing ideas will come to us and we will create the best life ever. 

We are stepping into a golden age of total intuition, heart-centred consciousness and awakening. Trust that you are here to show up as your higher self and rock the world! 

Life is Bliss…



  1. I feel myself changing but I still haven’t heard my guides I’m following my heart and intuition.

  2. Love Light and the Liberty to be of service. I AM