Your reality can shift NOW!

What if you could shift reality in just a few moments? What if you didn’t need to spend hours struggling and working to find that great new place to live or an awesome client for your business? The truth is just that: you can shift your reality NOW!

You can shift reality in moments

In fact, it’s possible to shift incredibly quickly. This is because where you are at right now in your life does not limit where you are going. Too often, when we think about manifestation, we actually end up thinking about how we are not yet living the life of our dreams. We feel terrible about wanting more abundance and not being closer to our dream life. Does this happen to you? Do you decide you want more abundance in your life only to abandon the idea because of negative thoughts?

If so, it is really important to understand that your current circumstances are just that: current. Everything can change, and it can change rapidly. Think about all the stories you have heard of people whose lives changed from one day to the next: maybe because they were in an accident, or they won the lottery! Your life can change just as fast for the better.

Reality has layers

The physical reality all around you is a 3D reality. But Quantum Physics shows us that there is also a quantum reality all around you, and it doesn’t obey the same limiting rules. When you start taking into account the quantum layer of reality, you begin to see the bigger picture and to engage with change in much more beneficial ways. 

When you feel quantum reality, you can tap into your life on an energetic level instead of only seeing the physical. This is an area where a lot of people get stuck because the have been told that what’s showing up in their physical reality is a consequence of their vibration (or thoughts). The conclusion? It must be my fault! My vibration must be so low! This usually isn’t the case. 

The secret lies in speeding things up. Learn to completely listen to your intuition.  Use your body to manifest the life of your dreams. You also need to feel everything that you are. You can’t tap into the quantum field of infinite possibilities by shrinking into a smaller version of yourself! You have lots going on inside you: talents, gifts, abilities, virtues, characteristics. They all deserve a seat at the table. Each one of them will play itself in helping you manifest what you desire and deserve.

From there, you can focus on what you are calling in, rather than how things have been in the past. It’s really important that you visualise and feel what you are calling in. 

Use more than your mind

That’s another reason people often don’t manifest what they want and get stuck in the same circumstances: they are trying to manifest using just their mind, without involving their emotions in the process and grounding these emotions in their body. 

When you let yourself feel how you would feel if you already had what you desire (more abundance or money, a new place to live, etc), you’re effectively telling your body that it has already happened. This way, rather than getting stressed out about what you haven’t accomplished yet, your nervous system reacts positively. And then, rather than chasing after it and getting results that aren’t very impressive, you start embodying what you want to manifest.

Bring heart into your practice

When you involve the body in manifestation, all your results will speed up a lot. Your results will appear even faster if you bring your emotions in, too. This is because your heart is directly related to your emotions. And what does your heart emanate? Yes, your electromagnetic frequency. Do you see that word within “electromagnetic frequency” that’s key here? Yes, magnet.

You are a magnet

You are magnetic. You radiate the energy you are calling in. But when your vibration is high, and you embody your manifestations and use emotions to activate your heart, what you desire comes your way much faster. Clients start coming your way effortlessly, new ideas just appear, new business ventures can be started with ease and grace and flow (with no hustle!). 

It’s okay to get stuck in negativity 

Remember that it’s also okay when you are not feeling like you’re in a high-vibrational state yet; through practice and connecting to your body more and more, you will learn to clear and release what’s holding you back. Sometimes memory, trauma and limiting beliefs are held so deep in the body and nervous system that trying to get out of their grasp simply doesn’t work. 

Don’t shame yourself if you are feeling like you are going through challenging times. Just know that there actually are practices and support systems that can help you tap into higher frequencies almost immediately. The more you engage with these practices, the easier it will be to shift your state of being. And over time, biohacking your body and nervous system will simply become a way for you to always be and remain in the best state ever.  

Life is Bliss…



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